Day 9 30 Days Wild Challenge.

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A very unusual occurrence happened today….not only did we have sunny weather, but we had virtually no wind (unheard of on our seafront), meaning we could head out without layers of jumpers and warm clothing (they were still tucked in the bag however, I wasn’t that confident).  It did bode well for the challenge we had set ourselves (well the trio) of a spot of wild swimming.  This would also complete one of the National Trust’s 50 things as well.  I was very determined, as this was such a rare weather combination, that we were going to spend the whole day on the beach by our home.  Plenty of time to persuade the three little people that the freezing sea was a great place to be!!

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After much shrieking and screaming our little lady was in the water confidently splashing away like the mermaid she dreams of being.  She’s usually to be found in the water though, when we are all sat with our coats and winter boots on enjoying hot chocolates, and saying “that’s lovely dear” through our shivers.  Mini man no.2 got up to his waist, and mini man no.1 managed to get in up to his ankles.  To be honest though this is a vast improvement from watching their sister from the shoreline…oh, apart from when they were young, just walking, twins running off into the water in different directions!!

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Our random act of wild card was to read a wild book in the wild.  We have this fantastic book, the Usborne’s Spotters Guide to the Seashore.  Our little lady currently has her nose buried in it most trips to the beach trying to identify what her treasures are that she’s trying to sneak home, and whether they will end up stinking her room out and giving her away!

IMG_8175We do love crabbing too, but today we were rather under prepared with some chicken slices that obviously didn’t take the crabs fancy, and not being in a great area for it.  We have some fabulous rocky outcrops further down the beach that are fantastic for getting the larger crabs to then examine in our bucket.  Today was a nil point day, not for the lack of trying though by mini man no.1.  We’ve had a glorious day of sunshine and are now feeling very relaxed, chilled, and ever so slightly sleepy!!

Snails @EmmaBradshaw2

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