Day 7 30 Days Wild Challenge.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_07Our little lady is working towards her brownie gardening badge….very much a work in progress as it goes from seed to table/flower.  So far she has planted chives, summer meadow flowers, baby watermelons, french beans, cherry tomatoes, peas, and snapdragons (all alongside our strawberries, blueberries, apple tree, and plum tree).  Also, this spring she has been more aware of where seeds come from, and saving them to plant after she’s finished eating the vegetables or fruit.  Consequently, we have also planted in pots; peppers, chillies, melons, large tomatoes, satsumas, apples, and pears.

IMG_8126Today’s mission as part of our 30 days wild challenge, was to get our sunflower seeds into pots, as well as cherry pips and an avocado stone she had saved from her snacking.  At this point you would be forgiven for thinking that we have an orchard and meadow coming off a large cottage garden to be able to grow all these!!  Well, we might be in trouble in a few months time as we have a very small (already bursting garden).  We are going to be under siege from fruit trees and vegetables if they all grow, but least we won’t be hungry ;-).

IMG_8127The random act of wildness card for the day was to identify the beautiful wild flowers we saw on our barefooted walk yesterday, and that our little lady used to adorn her hair.  After much looking around the Internet, I had found plenty of the right images, but with no labelling!!  Lightening bulb moment (they don’t happen very often), and I posted onto the lovely 30 days wild Facebook page, and someone got right back to me saying they were Thrift.  It’s a really nice community on that site and you can learn lots from it, as well as getting lovely ideas.  I’d really recommend taking a look at it.

IMG_8112 IMG_8111


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