Day 6 30 Days Wild Challenge.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06Day 6 of our challenge saw us heading off for an organised seashore safari, run by our local nature reserve.  We decided to do it to help us learn what we are looking at when we find our own treasures along the shoreline where we live.  All three delight in collecting things from the shoreline, but also don’t always know the tricks of the best places to look.  We don’t have very many rock pools when our tide goes out, so today they learnt ideas of where to look for life along the shore.  We have a few sea walls jutting out into the sea, and they were shown how to look into those and find the mini beasts hiding away.  They were also shown how to look under the larger rocks, as they held some puddles of water underneath where the sea life remained behind.  They were also taught to replace the rocks, otherwise it would be like our houses being turned onto their roofs and put on the other side of the road!!  They had a very successful hunt, with our little lady finding a very small transparent fish!

IMG_8069 IMG_8066 IMG_8063 IMG_8064

IMG_8076Our random act of wildness was to create a work of art in the wild.  As we were on the beach and making beach art, we felt this fitted into the challenge very well.  A few weeks ago the three of them made about 13 collages using leaves, grass, sticks, and feathers from a walk we did, so it was nice to have a change of materials (and don’t tell them, but nice to leave it on the beach rather than squeezing more natural art onto the walls at home 😉 ).  Our little lady scurried off to make a dolphin, the oldest mini man made a fish, and the little mini man made a man.  They were all very chuffed 🙂

IMG_8072 IMG_8070IMG_8071


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