Day 5 30 Days Wild Challenge.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_05Today we needed to brush our lovely, but very furry Collie dog, Jack.  We usually get mountains of fur off him, so we wondered if we could incorporate this into a nature challenge at all.  Having done some research online, it seems birds like this for nests (not too sure if nests are still being made, but the fur is there anyway and we had fun doing it!).  We brushed the poor dog and then filled one of the old coconut shell feeders with it, crossing string over the top to prevent it blowing off in the wind.  We decided to hang it onto the bird feeder, making it easy to find when the birds were having a snack.


IMG_8020Our gorgeous fur supplier 🙂

IMG_8097Our random act of wild card today is whistle with grass (or blowing grass trumpets).  This is a newly acquired skill for my trio and they are happy to oblige at any opportunity (something I have never accomplished).  In fact, on our four hour walk the other day, our little lady did it so much that her cheeks hurt after a few hours of it (good job we were in large open windy spaces where we could escape the noise a little!!).


IMG_7945 IMG_7946


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