Day 4 30 Days Wild Challenge.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04Being a mother of three (including a pair of young twins), and a home educator, life can be a little hectic, so daily planning the night before is essential (not sure that’s how the nature challenge is supposed to roll!), or else we’d be chasing our tails all day picking things up and forever trying to get out the house and not agreeing on where to go!!  So last night, when I saw rain forecast, I thought it would be ideal to make our nature challenge for the day, dancing in a downpour….well it took it’s time coming and I suddenly saw it and turfed all three out into the garden with much bemusement to dance their socks off to some music 🙂  They did take on the challenge with good nature though (actually No.2 wasn’t that impressed!), and didn’t think I’d finally lost the plot.


IMG_8096For our random act of wild card for the day, we chose to showcase some treasures (and believe me there are plenty!!!) that have been collected and brought home from the beach by the trio.  I gave my eldest the job of making 16 tags to go with 16 beach treasures, using the spotters guide to label them all up correctly.  She then had to display them on the table and show her twin brothers what each one was and then allow them to hold and feel them, teaching them not only about them, but care and respect for them.  It was carrying on our seashore theme from the earlier challenge (the part of nature that dominates our daily life in this family is the seshore).

IMG_8085 IMG_8084



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