Day 3 30 Days Wild Challenge.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_03For our loving nature idea today, we have decided to incorporate an idea that is a work in progress, having picked it up from the RSPB’s give nature a home initiative…and that is “let it grow wild”….marking out a patch of lawn (well our lawn is only patch size so we’ve gone for the whole thing), and watching it grow.  Hopefully this will then resemble a mini wild meadow, with some help from a few extra seeds.  The idea behind this is it will encourage more mini beasties to hide in there, with more visits from bees and butterflies, so generally much more interesting for the children to spend time in.  One of their favourite pass times is to collect and examine mini beasts, so this should encourage a greater variety into our garden.  As for the lawns progress?  Well, it has definitely grown and has an abundance of daisies and dandelions, and a few other flowers.  However, due to being late starters on this idea (mid spring rather than autumn), there was minimal preparation, and it is just about seeing what happens.  Next autumn we can look into truly making this a proper mini wild meadow for next spring, by preparing the area properly 🙂

IMG_8078Spot a wild animal was the random act of wildness for today as over the past few days on our adventures we have seen quite a few special sights, especially for the children who have not been exposed to their environments much before.  Unfortunately no photos of the beautiful deer, swallows, or kestrels we all watched, as, rightly so, we were lost in the moment of watching them whilst they were unaware of our presence.  Our daughter loves watching pheasants too since she was introduced to them a few weeks ago on the local nature reserve, and the Canada Geese and their babies.


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