Day 2 30 Days Wild Challenge.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_02Thursday’s are “Mamma Days” with my little lady, as the mini duo are in preschool for the day.  So, after a visit to the vets for the dogs vaccines, we headed off into a local country park that we love, and where we know there will be mud to squelch little toes into. Challenge 1 and the random act of wildness card for the day was to feel the wild between your toes.  This meant that I would only have 4 paws and 2 feet to scrub clean afterwards, instead of 4 paws and 6 feet, and quite possibly a lot of mud everywhere the speed the twins move at!!

IMG_8115Our little lady loves being barefoot, but I have never let her do the whole 40 minute dog walk barefooted before!!  Why?  Conformity, my sensible adult brain weighing up the consequences after, and, sadly, but probably anxiety over what others think that we meet on the way. I’ve never had a tough skin, but I am learning (very slowly) to try ignore others…it’s just a good job it was half term, or else if anyone asked why she wasn’t at school as well, they might have thought I was truly bananas 🙂  She loved it though, and couldn’t believe her luck in sinking her toes into the “chocolatey” mud, and delighted in all the differing sensations on her feet.  She felt freer and less encumbered.  I just bit my tongue and said “that’s a lovely description hunny” through gritted teeth as she enthusiastically told me what her feet where feeling!  I had a feeling she was going to hate the cold hose when we got home as much as the dog.  This also ticked off another National Trust mini mission in her book too…we took a muddy footprint at the end for prosperity.

IMG_8106 IMG_8105 IMG_8104

IMG_8108Our second challenge of the day involved adorning hair with flowers.  Our little lady often does this, but today she found some lovely pink wild flowers in the meadow area by the river.  She already had a synthetic one in her hair (the larger pink one), but these are a very delicate pink and she’d have picked the whole meadow if I’d let her!!



IMG_8109 IMG_8113


30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightorange

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