Day 13 Rainy Slow Sundays.

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Day 13 saw a weary Mamma greet a very rainy day.  We had plans to head over to Dadda’s parents for lunch to celebrate his father’s birthday, but I wasn’t really up for a rushed chilly swim in the local pool before hand.  Therefore, we decided we’d just get up in our own time, instead of under time pressure, and the children could spend the morning with all the art and craft stuff out.  This fitted nicely with a random act of wildness about writing….not a poem in our little lady’s case, but a story for her Grandad, to give him for his birthday.  It was about nature and having a party in nature.  In the groove of crafting now, she then wanted to make him a bookmark, using fallen rose petals, and then of course we couldn’t leave Grandma out, so more making and crafting was done for a second bookmark.


Leaving the kitchen to succumb to a liberal sprinkling of glue and sparkles, and having been inspired by other 30 days wild photos, I left the chaos of the inside behind, to take a quiet potter round the garden to look at rain droplets on the plants.  There’s something calming and transfixing about doing this, instead of rushing past trying to keep dry.  It really makes you stay in the moment and look at detail that is memorising.

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