Day 10 30 Days Wild Challenge.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_10It’s Thursday, and after dropping the mini men off at pre-school, it was time for our Mamma day.  I hadn’t planned a lot for today as we only got back from a family adventure yesterday, so lots of sorting and food shopping was required 🙁 Once the tasks were ticked off, we headed off on the short walk to our local country park (about 5 minutes).  We had 2 missions today for our 30 days wild challenge.  The first one was to hug a tree, and the second one was to snap something blue (our random act of wild card).

IMG_8296The tree the little lady chose, actually involved climbing into it in order to be able to get up close and personal with it, walking through nettles and brambles…nothing like turning it into a physical challenge too!  We saw some beautiful blue flowers and a dragonfly to snap, so a successful trip out.





The best part of the walk though, was being back in the calming oasis of nature.  Our family mini trip was a wonderful adventure, and very successful, but three days of noise and busy places was enough for me.  Going for a stroll like this, switching off from the task list, and listening to the lovely chorus of birds that are singing away today, just calms me down and restores some energy, to then get back onto tasks when I get home.  It was a very much needed walk and I also felt our little lady could do with it as well after three busy tiring (but fun) days.  Shame the mini men were in pre-school as they could have done with it just as much, but their turn will come tomorrow with the return of Forest School starting up again after half term 🙂

IMG_8300 IMG_8298

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