British Summer Beach Day!!

IMG_9005Another inset day at our little lady’s old school, meant a chance to spend the day with 2 of her closest friends, and managing to meet up with a third down there.  Us Mummies decided that despite a very windy day forecast, we would head to the beach as it was going to be sunny all day…..and the app continued saying that all day while we there taking spots of rain from very overcast skies, but we’d gone with the usual attitude of the weather doesn’t really matter, the children will have fun!  The skies did eventually clear for the last hour and a half, but the 7 children had been having fun all day and enjoying each others company.

IMG_9014 IMG_9013

Our local area of beach is know for fossils of shells, millions of years old, and sharks teeth!  So with the tide being very low and far out, they immediately went onto the shingle spit hunting for treasures.  We are rather unpractised in finding sharks teeth, mainly because we’d been looking for white things, so one of the girls who has found them before, was able to show us they are in fact black, and look fantastic.  So that is now on our mission list, to find some.  All the girls found fossils of shells in various shapes, sizes, and types, so they were all happy.

IMG_8998Next on the fun agenda was crabbing.  The tide was so far out that it isn’t very good along our beach, like that.  We have very few rock pools, but they did find lots of baby ones.  The larger ones are easier to pick up at high tide around where we are.  On the way to the beach I had finally invested in 2 crucial items…the first one being a wind break (I think I may have needed this in my life 6 years ago as we seem to live in a perpetually windy place), and 3 little body boards.  I have one, but with three children, it’s a recipe for war, so I have got them each their own now.  As it was they tried to get into the water, but the wind was too strong for their little hands holding the boards and they were flying off everywhere.  So in the end, my mini men retreated to change (still arguing over who had red and who had blue pants on this morning before undressing on the way home!), while I got a rare chance (thanks to another mummy looking after my mini men for me) to get into the water properly.  So I body boarded, while my little lady swam the waves without her board.  I had a huge amount of fun 🙂  The boys were quite content to play with theirs on the beach!!

IMG_9012 IMG_9004

We also got the kites out to fly those, as it was too windy to use buckets and spades today!  They would have blown away.  But they all seem to enjoy their kite flying.  It’s something I carrying in my mini rucksack all the time, right up there with wet wipes 😉 but seem to forget it’s in there.

IMG_9010 IMG_9006

We’ve returned home thoroughly windswept, with salty hair, and sandy toes, but extremely happy and energised.  There’s also no need to be concerned about socialisation with home educating as the last week has been a fairly standard one and our little lady has been at choir on Wednesday with her friends, brownies thursday, forest school friday and made another little friend who is also 8 years old, 2.5 hours dancing on saturday, a trampolining party on saturday with all her school friends, more dancing on sunday, and today she’s spent 5 hours with her closest pals.  It’s me that needs to get out more 😉

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