Bike Ride Adventure!

The temperature has risen a degree above zero, so the snow has melted.  The boys have been desperate for a bike ride for ages, so today we headed out on a bike ride adventure.  I’m usually to be found running between the 5 year old twins, either chasing them to stop, or picking them up off the floor.  The little lady goes up front and they are not allowed past her (she actually responds to stop commands, so when she stops they hopefully will…behind her!!).  Today I decided that I would take my bike too, in order to keep up.  Then I also decided that we turn this into an adventure and try going further afield.  All slightly nerve racking having two wobbly novice riders on the roads (we don’t have pavements here!).

An issue with the boys bikes is that they have a pedal brake, making it hard to get the pedals into the right position ready to push off.  Last time out we perfected using the brakes to stop, rather than our boots 🙂  This time we were aiming to perfect starting out 🙂  Lots of wobbles and topples later, and they were getting a lot better.  I had taken supplies to break up the trip with a little bit of beach play and a snack, to give them a break from the bike ride and concentration.


We stood the bikes up along a footpath, and while the children played on the rocks, I set up the Kelly Kettle for a brew of hot squash and hot chocolate.  When those were poured, we lit a fire on the beach, toasted marshmallows and made our marshmallow sandwiches.  Once refuelled we headed off on the other half of our bike ride.  This last part involved quite a busy road, so I was quite a nervous wreck when we got back home.  However, we had done it, and we’d had an adventure along the way!!  I was so proud of their concentration and listening.  Plus the effort their little legs put in over the 2 hours we were out was amazing 🙂  They feel really chuffed with their efforts and they have a big story to tell Dadda when he gets back home 🙂

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  1. Fabulous. I can well appreciate how nerve wracking it must have been for you. We have no pavements and little lanes that curve a lot, giving not much of a view of oncoming traffic. You were prepared. What a lovely idea to take marshmallows and a stove. Such a great adventure. #CountryKids

  2. I think I’d have been in a panic too, but well done to them for doing so well and riding so far. Bike rides are a lovely way to get around and I’m sure their confidence will build. Then you will have the worry of keeping up with them!

  3. What an achievement for the boys, I bet they were so chuffed with themselves for cycling the whole way! It’s great that they’re getting more confident on their bikes, it’s always a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and burn off some energy. I think a campfire with roasted marshmallows is a great way to treat them in the middle of a bike ride to keep motivation high.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    • We’ve deliberatelt not given them stabilisers and I think that has helped a lot. A little bribe mid way through helps everyone!

  4. This looks like a fun adventure and how lovely to break up the journey with a stop for toasted marshmallows!

  5. Wow, 2 hours on bikes is good for little legs. We’re the same, no pavements, and lots of rural potholed roads but at least they’re not overly busy. #countrykids

    • Our little island is lovely for children and relatively safe compared to a lot of areas to cycle in!! Juts have to miss the hourly bus!

  6. I love our kelly kettle – perfect for warming up on a cold day out and about. I cannot wait for my youngest to be able to ride a bike 🙂

  7. Awww i bet the boys were so proud of themselves for riding the whole way! xx

  8. My girls are really struggling to learn to ride pedal bikes. What do their balance ones amazingly.

    • We had the balance ones, after our little lady had stabilisers and we realised they actually made it worse when you came to take them off. We just put them straight onto the 2 wheels and let them topple a few times and they soon got the hang of it 🙂

  9. What a great adventure you had! I need to get my boy out on his bike, he gives up so easily though!

  10. Yay, this totally inspires me to get my son out on a bike when he gets a bit older and at 5 your twins are awesome! Think I would be the same though as a nervous wreck especially on our roads. I’ll definately have to stick to the canal path until he’s less wobbly! Love the s’mores pit stop on the beach, such a good idea! #countrykids

  11. What a great and active day out!

  12. What a great trip. Cycling with young children can be hard work so well done for persevering. Once I’ve fully recovered from my operation I hope to be able to get back onto my bike and cycle with the family as we’ve got some lovely cycle routes around here. #countrykids

  13. Sounds like a great adventure was had. My eldest has a wooden bike that she’s only allowed access to at my parents house for now. #CountryKids

  14. I bet that was nerve wracking but what an adventure. Marshmallow sarnies sound epic x

  15. I can imagine riding on a busier road must have been quite nerve-wracking! Sounds like you all enjoyed your adventure though and toasted marshmallow sandwiches sound very yummy! #CountryKids

  16. Nic

    Ahhh this looks like such a cute and fun adventure! I can’t wait til my little girl is this age; I’m scared for it too though. Parenting eh!?

  17. What an amazing adventure! I am really bad on a bike, but I’m determined that when my little boy is a bit older we will all go out for rides together, like I remember when I was a child. Such amazing memories, I bet your children will remember it for ever #CountryKids

    • I’m the wobble queen!!! They love it so much that I have to try and get them all out there though, however stressed it makes me inside!!

  18. What a great achievement for them, and how nerve racking! However you’ve all done it, and I think I really need to get one of those Kelly Kettles!

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