Beautiful Puzzle Box Geocaches.

Today we returned to the beautiful Tromtö Nature Reserve to do 2 more of the puzzle geocache series.  The first 2 we did a few weeks ago, we had managed to figure out (just), but with the activity log saying that the puzzle boxes got harder, I made sure I was returning with Dadda to help me get into them with the children!  These would leave us 2 more to do another time, going a different way round the 5km circuit walk through the woods.

Off we set through the woods, and although each geocache was exactly where it was supposed to be, I’m not sure I would have found either, as they were very well hidden today, but our little lady was on a roll 🙂  The first one was indeed a much harder puzzle to crack and after the four of us usual suspects had admitted defeat, we handed it over to Dadda, who managed after a while to gain entry.

With the trio happy (it wouldn’t do to be failing at these boxes as the rest of the hike would be a nightmare!!), we set off in search of the second cache we planned for the day, and it was hidden very well, deep into a mossy hole.  This one was an imitation chocolate box, and although in the end it proved it had a simple solution, it took us quite a while to get into it.

The boxes are beautiful and we love doing them.  So much so that we plan to plant one with our little lady’s BFF in the summer, and I’m thinking a simple version would be a lovely thing to do.  However, in the Swedish winter weather, the boxes take a bit of a hit (even protected by plastic tubs), and so the wood has expanded somewhat, making it really hard to slide the bits that needed sliding.  We got there eventually though and were pleased we managed to get into both of the planned caches for the day.  It’s such a great activity to do with the little people as it gives them some direction for their hikes, and breaks them up a little.  Having said that though, I choose where we want to explore, and then check out the presence of geocaches in that location not the other way round!!  I use it as a means of encouraging them to get walking!!!

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  1. I have never been geocaching before – and still don’t quite understand it! Those boxes are beautiful and it sounds like a really fun way to enjoy the outdoors.

  2. What a lovely family activity for you to do together xx

  3. Ive seen a few posts now about geocaching so I’ve just downloaded the app, there are so many new us, i think we will definitely give it ago. My sense of direction isn’t great though so not getting my hopes up that we actually manage to find one.

    • The app is really good you won’t get lost and you should find them ok. There’s always the odd one here or there too well hidden or not quite right coordinates, but the majority we find 🙂 It’s really good fun

  4. I keep meaning to do this when on our walks! I forget everytime. These boxes are beauiful

  5. We had a little go at geocaching last year. We must go again!

  6. My dad used to take us to do this when we were little we loved it, will defo do it with the girls when they are older.

  7. I love geocaching! What’s really funny is every now and then someone else in Central Florida will post to my FB that they saw my signature on a cache. 😉 I’m geocache famous! 😉

  8. I did this with my daughter, we had a blast.

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