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I love all the seasons, and I am not sure I favour one more than the others.  However, when the seasons start changing and moving on, I am always ready for a change and love what the next one might bring – especially now that we live somewhere that has four distinct seasons!  So, now that autumn is well and truly here, we have made an autumn outdoor activities list of all the great things you can do during this fantastic, beautiful season, that sees a bounty of colours and changes.

Our Autumn Outdoor Activities List:

1.Have a leaf fight:  It would not be autumn without this on our autumn  outdoor activities list!

2.Catch falling leaves:  This is so much harder than it looks and can keep little ones amused for ages on a walk.

3.Look for conkers then head home for a good old game of old fashioned conkers.

4.Go blackberry picking – It would not be autumn without making an autumnal blackberry pudding.

5.Collect different plant seeds that you see out and about, or from the garden, to plant in the spring time.

6.Pick apples:  This is an easy one for our autumn outdoor activities.  Walking around our island with dogs (my own business that the children accompany me on after school finishes at midday) people have such an abundance of fruit from their gardens, that they leave them in boxes at the end of their drives to help yourself to.  The children love this!

7.Sunset picnic:  This is one of my favourite autumn outdoor activities now the sunsets are much earlier.  They are very spectacular where we live, so we light a campfire and watch as many as we can, admiring the light show.

8.Sunrise picnic:  Don’t panic!!  With the sunrises getting later, and a little night before preparation, this becomes quite feasible with the get up times of younger children!!

9.Count the leaf colours on a walk.

10.Fly a kite.

11.Go pond dipping and see what is going on at this time of year.  We have an abundance of dragonflies which are memorising to watch.

12.Go on a fungus spotting walk.  These are beautiful (be careful with touching and eating) and you could even draw a few when you get back home.

13.Jump in leaves….a good old favourite!

14.Autumn Camping:  Providing you take enough layers for the night, some of the day temperatures can be quite balmy at this time of year, and the sunsets very dramatic.  On the plus side, with the sun rising later, your little people are less likely to have you up so early as during the summer months (I think it was around 0430 we woke this summer).

15.Collect leaves, and then go home and make a collage or a “leaf person/animal”.

16.Collect fir cones, and then head home to decorate them in glitter 🙂

17.Have a campfire: Read about how to make a campfirecampfire problems, and ways of cooking on a campfire.  We also have lots of easy and tasty campfire food recipes.

I hope these have given you some inspiration of some autumn outdoor activities you can do now that autumn is well and truly under way.  Also ways to have fun in the outdoors whatever the autumn weather throws at you!!

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  1. I love all of these ideas! Autumn is so good for getting outside and making the most of the fallen leaves, conkers and sticks around 🙂

  2. When I was younger I used to love looking for conkers and then playing conkers (although I think that’s now banned in schools right?!). I’d definitely do the apple and berry picking too and then make a pie with the kids when we got home! Great ideas – thanks for sharing!

    Victoria |

  3. Some lovely ideas for autumn activities – although I’m not convinced I could manage a sunrise picnic (sunset sounds wonderful though). I love this time of year – absolutely the best for exploring nature with the kids. 🙂

  4. Love the pictures. Lots of inspiring activities to do with the children. I really like the changing colours of Autumn.

  5. Awww so many lovely things to do! I’ve not heard of a sunrise picnic before- it sounds like the perfect way to kickstart the day x

  6. I tend to hibernate in the colder months so really need to make an effort to get my girls outside. After all they don’t care how wet it is!

  7. Wendy

    These are fabulous ideas! I actually really like the idea of a sunrise picnic! I want to do a leaf collage with the kids and we haven’t found any conkers yet his year which is weird. Pumpkin picking is something I’d add to this list xx

  8. Brilliant ideas, I love how cool all your fungi is over there! We found some the other day that was the proper fairy toadstool ones and we were so excited to see them!!

  9. All of these sounds great fun. Love the idea of a campfire. We’ve been searching for concurs but still haven’t found any annoyingly

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