A Children’s Outdoor Gift Guide – Gifts That Will Get Used

We are rapidly hurtling towards Christmas, so I have decided to put together a children’s outdoor gift guide to help give you some inspiration of great ideas for both presents under the tree, and some stocking fillers too 🙂  These are more practical gifts in this outdoor gift guide that the child (or grown up) can then use.

A Children’s Outdoor Gift Guide:

  1. Compass: These come in all shapes, sizes, and prices.  You can choose one to match your child’s age and ability to use it.  We have gone for a simple version to introduce ours to the concept to start with.  You can take a look at my post on learning how to use a compass for tips to get started with your little people.
  2. Binoculars:  These we purchased back in the UK from a well known toy shop (they were only £2.99, about 30sek), but have been absolutely fantastic and survived being flung around.  You don’t need to spend a fortune for them to function well.
  3. Daysack/Hiking  Backpack:  We looked high and low for our back packs for our trio.  For the twins it was a lot harder to find something a little larger (but not too large as they are still only 6), with a supportive front clasp, enough pockets for good accessibility of things, robust enough to withstand the Swedish wilderness, and with some extra padding/comfort for the hiking.  We eventually bought for our twins these backpacks from Elkline.  They are fantastic.  For our little lady we had a different issue….if we bought it for her size (a tall 9 year old), she would fill any left over space with “stuff” that would then make it too heavy to carry, so we needed to be a little cautious on size with her too.  It is a 22L backpack but with a good sturdy waist belt (that was a struggle to find one with that). It has a breathable back and comes with a rain cover attached.  It is designed for 11-15 year olds so should last her a while yet!
  4. Tin Mug:  For the ever so important, morale boosting hot drinks.  We have gone with these gorgeous Moomin mugs…all 5 of us 🙂  We adore the Moomins.
  5. Tinder Pouch:  We use a Kelly Kettle and love lighting campfires for our meals during our hikes.  These pouches allow us to collect any dry useful tinder and store it safely (and rather smartly) on our pre-campfire part of the hike.  Between 3 children and myself we should then have a fair amount….might as well put the children to use 😉
  6. Whistle:  It is debatable whether my three actually need one of these (they are sooooooo noisy), but just to be on the safe side, they have it in their back packs in case of getting lost.
  7. Spork:  My three think this is one of the funniest words ever.  I think it is one the handiest items to carry….the 2 in one function cutting back in what goes in those backpacks (very important when you are only 6 or 9 years old!).
  8. Camera:  My trio have all got VTech cameras.  While they are clunky and heavy (carrying a spork won’t balance this one out) they are very robust and my three love taking photos and recording their own memories on them.  Once they are older, you can upgrade to something a little more practical, and you don’t always have to take them out if the back pack is too heavy.
  9. Good base layers:  We need this here in the winter to keep warm, but usually hiking you can work up a sweat too.  A good base layer will wick this sweat away from your skin keeping you comfortable.  One less thing for them to moan about has to be a bonus right?!  Need help choosing a set?  Check out my review of Isbjörn of Sweden Husky base layer
  10. Outdoor Clothing:  Children need to be equipped for the outdoors as well as us adults are, and more again…their clothes need to be robust enough not only to withstand the elements, but also the added activities of tree climbing, crawling through mud, racing through brambles, and puddle jumping.  If you need some inspiration you can look at my reviews for Tiny Trolls of Norway Rain Gear  and Winter Gear
  11. Boots:  Again, they need to be equipped as well as us adults, but also bear in mind their little feet need extra protection as they are still growing.  The boots need extra practicality about them too for those huge puddles us grown ups avoid, but draw children to like magnets!
  12. Torch:  Always handy for when you are out in the dark, whether to find your route through some tough undergrowth, help you pack up after a campfire to ensure you’ve left nothing behind, or to help you find that lost item that got dropped in the dark (and probably shouldn’t have left the house anyway, but is the most favourite tiniest toy EVER!).  Oh and you can use the torch to signal for help 🙂
  13. Bug Pots:  There are always interesting things hiding along the trails.  My three carry a very small pot so we can take closer looks, and also it can give them something to do while you are cooking a meal.
  14. Sunglasses:  We ALWAYS have these with us.  Whether we need them to watch the sun rise or set, or the sun unexpectedly makes an appearance…as I said earlier, anything less for them to moan about has to be a bonus!!!

Let me know in the comments below if you can think of any other essentials for the outdoor gift guide, or perfect little gifts that you know will get utilised well, instead of forgotten about with the Christmas haul 🙂  I’d love to hear your thoughts (and maybe I’ll pinch them for our Santa!)

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  1. I am loving the backpacks, I know my nephew loves being outdoors and enjoys it big time. Lovely gift guide
    Anosa recently posted…How to Spend a Day in Mainz #solo adventuresMy Profile

  2. I love the backpacks. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough for the whistles, I’ve actually hidden a recorder from my son, bad mum!

  3. I love the Elkline backpacks – might have to hunt one down for my 6 year old! Going right away to get a tinder pouch too, how nifty!

  4. The rucksacks are lovely, look really comfy to wear
    Stephanie recently posted…Stockbridge Marsh WalkMy Profile

  5. The backpacks are fab! I’m not really a hiking person so can’t really offer much more to your list unfortunately. Although it sounds like you’ve got it all covered! X

  6. Really thoughtful gift guide to encourage children to be outdoors. Love the backpacks, might try to get them for our camping holiday
    Musings of a tired mummy…zzz… recently posted…#MySundayPhoto it’s got to be Star WarsMy Profile

  7. So many lovely ideas there. I love the idea of gifting something practical so this list is perfect. Love the idea of the bug pots especially.

  8. This is such a fab idea. Useful gifts are good. I love the Elkline backpacks so nice gifts x

  9. The backpacks look great. Those will definitely be well used.

  10. Great suggestions! I made my boy an adventure kit for his birthday a couple years ago, and it included similar things (compass, bug pot etc. – he already owned binoculars and a camera). I also added a kids pocket knife, and a personalised flower press – not so much for taking with him, but for pressing leaves, flowers etc he brings back from exploring.

    • Flower presses are great and mine love theirs too. My eldest (9) would now like a pocket knife and I think we will go for it for her birthday in Feb (the hamster wish had higher priority!!)

  11. I can’t believe how much of a good price the binoculars are, such great gift ideas x

  12. What great gift suggestions to help encourage kids to get outdoors! I’m sure mine would absolutely love experimenting with the compass and binoculars.

  13. Great post. We aren’t an outdoorsy family (mainly because the youngest moans so much) but I should get us some base layers and get us out there!
    Amy – All about a Mummy recently posted…My Christmas To-Do ListMy Profile

    • Sounds familiar, my youngest (by a minute!) is moany too…..it’s such a palava getting him out there too but I cope a lot better with him once we are

  14. Fab gift guide for the outdoors! I especially love the backpack !must show my sister this ! She’d love all this for her girls !

  15. There’s some great ideas there. I love those moomin mugs and as we plan to do a lot more camping next year now that our littlest is a bit older, I may have to treat us all.

    • The moomin shop I got them from so the postage will probably be a lot cheaper to you!! There are loads…trouble is the shop has a lot of other great things too and I got immersed!!!

  16. First of all, I love the purpose of this site, we all should be connected to the nature. I like the vintage Moomin mugs, they are perfect for a nice warm cup of tea or coffee outdoors.
    Vania recently posted…Best Matcha Brands Give Us Joy And HappinessMy Profile

  17. I love the mugs! they look so cute. For me, a good backpack is the most important. But I must admit I am not good at selecting items. I want to take it all with me!

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