100 Acre Woods-Nature’s Playground Adventures in the Woods


As a family, we adore this nature playground in 100 Acre Woods.  You can take a good woodland hike with the little people, you can play in a huge a sandpit and nature inspired playground blended into the woodland, or you can go au naturel and use nature to play, be creative, and employ that imagination.

IMG_7345When we arrived in 100 Acre Woods, we started with a little hike for about an hour and a half.  Not that a huge distance was covered, but often that is not the aim.  We saw tadpoles in puddles (our little mens first experience of tadpoles), robins on the fallen logs, worms under logs, and there were streams to be paddled in and explored.

IMG_7339My trio spent an age prodding the puddles to get the hidden tadpoles to move and show themselves.  They were fascinated.  It was so easy for them to observe too, such shallow and accessible pools of water from the streams run off’s and flooded parts.





We examined a worm for a good while too.  Each of them took a turn in holding it gently, and let it tickle their palms.  The boys were fascinated, and then our little lady walked for a while with it, until she opened her palm and discovered it had knotted itself.  I then managed to persuade her that perhaps the worm would be happier left in the woodland, rather than taken back for a picnic.


After our little mini hike, we decided we would build a den to have our lunch in.  There are lots of fallen branches/logs lying around to make use of.  Everyone thought this was a fab idea, but I have to say the girls did most of the building!!  The mini men did seem to just rearrange everything and get dog pooh on their boots! Lunch was (not by three) eaten, and the phonics and books were read 🙂 Always more fun in a secret den.  I was really chuffed, as 2 boys, roughly our little lady’s age, walked past and pronounced our den was “cool”, so I figured us girls hadn’t done too badly.









After lunch it was time to hit the play trails and play areas much to my tribes delight.  Every sense had been used in the day’s adventure and three happy small people were returned home (of course, still with an unlimited energy supply!).


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