Nature Craft – Make A Twig Pot

Nature is important to children’s well being and happiness, as well as it being important we all connect to nature. Nature play is the best way of helping our children to develop well physically, emotionally, and socially.  It’s got all bases covered!  Nature play, nature craft, and nature based activities all help strengthen the connection and bond with nature.  We were recently very lucky to review a Mud and Bloom children’s nature activity box.  Mud and Bloom set up their subscription nature boxes to inspire families and children into the outdoors and to connect to nature. Mud and Bloom produce a box on a monthly basis that contains several seasonal nature crafts and gardening activities.  Everything you need is all contained within the box, plus lovely illustrated instructions, nature news for that month, and a quiz.  One of the nature crafts we tried was making a twig pot.  We loved our twig pot so much we thought we would share it as a separate blog post in more detail.

What You Need To Make A Twig Pot:

  1. A flower pot.  This could also be done with a yoghurt pot, just don’t forget to put the holes in the bottom.
  2. Some sticks the same size or slightly taller than your pot.  You need enough sticks to go around the outside of the pot.
  3. Twine
  4. Scisssors

How To Make The Twig Pot:

  1. Tie the twine around your first stick and then knot it so it stays in position.
  2. Take the next stick in line with the first one, and tie it to the first stick.  You made need an adult to help with the knots, or another person to help hold the stick in place while you tie it.
  3. Continue this process until you think you have enough sticks to go around your pot.  You can keep checking by holding the row of sticks around the pot.
  4. Once it is long enough, bend it around your pot, and then tie the first and last sticks together.  We also added another round of twine around the outside for extra security on ours.
  5. Grab your seeds and plant them in your new looking pot 🙂

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