Make A Nature Wind Chime Craft

Nature is important to children’s well being and happiness, as well as it being important we all connect to nature. Nature play is the best way of helping our children to develop well physically, emotionally, and socially.  It’s got all bases covered!  Nature play, nature craft, and nature based activities all help strengthen the connection and bond with nature.  We were recently very lucky to review a Mud and Bloom children’s nature activity box.  Mud and Bloom set up their subscription nature boxes to inspire families and children into the outdoors and to connect to nature. Mud and Bloom produce a box on a monthly basis that contains several seasonal nature crafts and gardening activities.  Everything you need is all contained within the box, plus lovely illustrated instructions, nature news for that month, and a quiz.  One of the nature crafts we tried was making a wind chime craft.  We loved them so much we thought we would share them as a separate blog post in more detail.

What Do You Need For Nature Wind Chime Craft?

  1. Five to seven chunky sticks about 20cm long.  We went for varying lengths and widths to get variety in the sounds.
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Screw eyes
  4. Paint brush
  5. Scissors
  6. Acrylic paints
  7. Twine


How To Do Nature Wind Chime Craft:

  1. After you have collected your sticks, use the sandpaper to rub off any loose parts and make them smooth for painting.  Our three love using their bushcraft knife so they actually whittled theirs smooth!  
  2. Choose one of your sticks to use to hang the other from.
  3. Screw in the metal screw eyes to the centre of each of the sticks that will be hanging. We only had enough screw eyes to do this with one our three sets of chimes, so the other two were just tied without the eyes and they were fine.
  4. Next use the acrylic paints to paint all your sticks.  Have fun mixing paints and making patterns too.         
  5. If you want to, it is at this point you can add varnish over the dry paint.  The colours will last longer but it is not something we did.
  6. Take the stick that you will be hanging the other sticks from and tie twine to each end and hang it.
  7. Then tie around 20cm of twine to each metal eye and then to your hanging stick.
  8. Then all that is left to do is find somewhere outside to hang your wind chimes and that is your wind chime craft done!

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