A Fairy Garden – Make Tinkerbell and Her Friends a Home.

Hooray, spring is probably here now for good, and we can take our crafting and making back into the great outdoors 🙂  So much easier especially when your supplies come from there and are a tad messy.  Today our little lady decided she was going to build a fairy garden.  Cue 2 little boys wanting to make one as well, and before I know it we have triple the amount of fairy gardens we had before we started.  So, to lighten my load a little, I suggested the mini men worked together on this one, and then I was only being pulled in 2 directions at once (although our little lady is fairly independent!).

To start with we needed to construct the fairies a little home for their fairy garden.  You can make these very neatly with crafting lolly sticks (all the same length and easier to handle), but we decided to go for a more rustic look with twigs.  The method is the same either way.  Have 2 sticks going horizontally, and place glue on them (PVA glue just doesn’t work in these scenarios, hence why the twins need help, as we have the adult glue out!!).  Then lay your pre-broken to size twigs vertically on top.  Make as many walls/roofs as you need (you can use 2 to make a pointed roof, or one for a flat roof), and then leave them to dry in the sunshine while you work on the rest of the fairy garden.

Next you need some sort of tub, and if there are no holes in the bottom, just poke some in so there is drainage.  I was lucky and had three shallow plant bowls in the garage so I used two of these.  We filled them with soil before moving onto the next phase.  We then placed our walls into the soil, making them into a square, but you can do any shape.  You can pre-glue your walls together and make the house in its entirety before placing it in the soil, but as we’d used twigs, they pushed in really well and held firm.

Then the garden is left to your creativity and imagination!  My trio placed moss on top of the soil for a lawn, and small stones for a garden path.  We then took 2 twigs, and tied string around to make a mini washing line.  Cutting up an old duster, they made towels, blankets, dresses, and even a deckchair.  We made pegs by snapping very small twigs, and slicing a small vertical line in the middle so it would hold onto the washing line.  The trio also added pieces of fir tree (to look like trees), and the odd crocus to brighten it up!!  The sky is your limit with what you can do.  Lego birds, mini barrels, mini plastic pegs, make a mini pond etc. My trio were really chuffed with their finished results, and we’ve tucked them away somewhere that is not so exposed, for them to play with out there 🙂

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  1. Nin

    This is so cute! I love the shape of the pot too, very unique. I want to make a all natural play garden when we have our own place with fairy gardens and mud car tracks ^_^

  2. we’ve done this before – so fun! I glued on one of those fairy doors that you can buy onto a plant pot and we went from there. My kids really enjoyed it, so think we’ll do it again this spring x

  3. This is lovely. I remember making fairy gardens when I was a little girl and it was one of my favourite things to do. xx

  4. I have been looking forward to this post after watching your Instagram photos this week. This is something I want to try in one of our activity hour sessions here. I think the children will love it and we are not short of all the bits and bobs in nature to create something similar to this. I love the little twig house and the washing line is a great idea. We have a large one of these in our fairy gardens and the children colour DIY fairy clothes with felt pens and then peg them on the line. They form a lovely tie dye effect after tha rain! *Fairies at work*

    Thank you for sharing a lovely idea with me on #CountryKids

    • Thankyou, the children loved making this small world and using their imagination. The houses are easier to make with craft sticks, but look more rustic with twigs. Love the idea of tie dye effect clothing and the fairies being at work!!

  5. This is something I really want to do with my children. Yours look amazing and I bet they are loads of fun.

  6. That is adorable. Kids did really good. They must be expert at this time now the amount of things they create every week.

  7. This is such a wonderful idea I can’t believe I have never thought of this before! My girls love anything flower fairies at the moment, and my baby boy can have an elf garden. Such a lovely post thanks for sharing

  8. Aw this is such a lovely activity – we want to make a fairy garden for our garden and have the pot ready to go x x

  9. This is such a sweet idea. I think I will add it to our summer bucket list. Thanks! x

  10. jo

    This looks familiar we’ve made a fair few Tinkerbell gardens ourselves over the years! What a lovely day, creative, fun and outdoors! #countrykids

  11. I want to create a space in our garden for a little fairy garden, it is a lovely idea and I can see why they enjoyed it so much

    • Yours will love it….you can get fish tank accessories too to add to the scenery if it’s going to be more permanent

  12. These are so cute and it looks like such a fun activity!

  13. Fairy gardens are so popular at the moment. Love this so much more than the “plastic” ones!

  14. This looks like a lot of fun to do with the little ones. #CountryKids

  15. I love your fairy gardens – what a brilliant outdoor activity and sounds like your children had a lot of fun making theirs. I’ve pinned your post as I think my girls would love doing this – they’re both really into fairies at the moment 🙂 #countrykids

  16. Awww it turned out lovely! I want to make one of these with my little girlie, i’m keeping an eye out for a suitable container xx

  17. I just love this and all the many many possibilities! #littlemakes

  18. We’ve just done this too! The boys made dinosaur gardens. Great fun! Yours look amazing but we’ve stolen a few of your ideas! Love the fences!

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