Day 16 Race for the Rainbow

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Today has been one of those hectic days that we try and avoid, but there are still occasions when dogs need dropping off somewhere, double trouble need haircuts, and little lady has choir.  So, nature (usually our priority) took a back seat today, but we did manage to get a dose of it.  For her gardening badge, the melon seeds from a melon we had eaten had sprouted and the seedlings needed to be moved to a bigger pot….well I say pot, I mean a stacking storage box, as I’m not sure they’d enjoy being squished in a plant pot!!  We also harvested our first homegrown peas….well we harvested them straight off the canes, opening the pods, straight into four mouths like hungry birds!!  They were delicious and sweet, and I have a feeling all of them will be gobbled raw 🙂

For our random act of wild challenge, we decided to “race for the rainbow”…..we drew rainbows on card, stuck on sellotape, and then I called out colours for them to collect from the garden and stick onto the card, thus making a rainbow.  All three initially set out to beat each other, as is normal, but this was soon forgotten, and all three got absorbed in the task.  I was pleasantly surprised by mini man no.2’s pride he was taking in placing everything on, and the other 2 were so enthusiastic.

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Afterwards I was pottering around making packed suppers for choir, and doing general mum faffing, when I looked out to see what they were up to in the garden.  They had taken some large sticks from where we keep all treasured sticks brought back from walks, and were building a “campfire”.  They then proceeded to skewer rose petals and leaves onto smaller twigs as marshmallows, and sat there toasting them and chatting away.  It was lovely.  In between all this the mini men’s enthusiasm for wanting to read and learn numbers has been increasing.  We are going very slowly as they are still young, but we’ve introduced a few games.  All three of us love snuggling up on the sofa to do reading and numbers (I cherish any still and calm time with them!), but I know they like to wiggle and move, and learning through their energetic movements will work very well.  We use the phonic letter cards laid out on the floor, to make words.  I say a word, and then they race round the floor trying to get the correct three letters in the right order.  With the numbers today (1-12), I chalked them randomly onto the patio, and when I shouted a number they had to run and jump onto it.  They really loved this, and it’s inspiring me to think a lot more outside the box, which was the idea behind this adventure anyway.

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