Day 15, Daisy chains and Litter.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15Day 15 and half way through the challenge already!  The 30 days wild challenge has been so easy to slot into our usual everyday routine, but also has fitted so well with our home education one too.  Whilst we spend a lot of time outdoors it has definitely given us inspiration of other things to do and places to focus on.  Today we set off on our morning dog walk with the aim of collecting litter on our route, and this afternoon we were going to make daisy chains 🙂

IMG_8449 IMG_8440 IMG_8442

We are so lucky to live next to a country park and the children love going over there and running freely around.  I often say we are going for a walk, but it in fact turns into an hours grid sprints for the children, punctuated by “oooo look at this!”.  This morning saw them hiding under bridges, running out of control down big hills, and spotting mini beasts crossing their path.

IMG_8448We went over with the mission of collecting any rubbish as we went.  The children were asking about why people dropped rubbish, and this led onto a conversation about respecting nature and why it was harmful, not only to wildlife, but to animals such as our own dog Jack.  I was quite pleased to see though we only got half a bag.  I’m sure if we’d gone along the beach instead, we would have collected a lot more along the tideline as well as the path, despite there being bins very frequently.


Spot the cheeky chappies x 2!



Our second mission of the day was to make daisy chains.  We sat ourselves down on the lovely long grass we have been cultivating at no extra effort 😉 and I explained how to do it to the children.  The boys looked at me, and then announced they were off to play with the new sand in the sandpit.  They are usually up for anything, but I think this required a little too much thinking power for the end of the day.  My little lady and I sat there, lost in our own worlds, enjoying the garden and threading daisies.  It was very calming, slowed me right down, and was lovely to do.  I made a crown and she made a bracelet, and we took a very bad selfie! (I did ask mini man no.2 to help after many disastrous selfies, but as they never touch the phone, he giggled at me, pressed a few things, and we had a great burst shot of my right hand!  At first, having forgotten to turn the selfie angle off, he was most puzzled, then fascinated as to why he was on the screen).

IMG_8450 IMG_8452


I really hope everyone is enjoying the 30 days wild challenge as much as we are, and even if you are not doing it, I hope our adventures are giving you some ideas of how to get out and connected with nature.

IMG_8444 Snails @EmmaBradshaw5



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