Coloured Nature Ice Blocks – An Outdoor Winter Craft

Here, in Sweden, in the midst of winter, it is hard to take science and craft outdoors (and remain relatively comfortable with one’s fingers not frozen solid!).  However, aside from snowballs and snowmen, there are a few lovely things that can be done.  Today we did coloured nature ice blocks.

What you need for your nature ice blocks:  berries or leaves etc, water source, food colouring, and some containers.  I had the children running around the garden for supplies.  The request was to gather colourful berries, leaves of any shape or colour, and anything else colourful.  We ended up with large red berries, small red berries, small black berries, various pine needles, holly leaves, ivy leaves, some lavender sprigs, and some dried lavender flowers.

Next we placed them into a container and poured water over the top to fill the container up.  The children then added some more supplies in to fill the water space up a bit more.



The next step was to add a food colouring of choice (or in mini man no.2’s case, mix 2 to make purple), and give it a stir.  We then left them in a corner of the garden for nature to do its magic.  The temperature is staying below zero here in the day, so all we had to do was wait a little while.

Our finished nature ice blocks with the sun shining through……..

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Thimble and Twig


Winter Pond Maths and English.


Nature Curriculum Week 19 – Winter Ponds.


  1. these look really stunning in the light. A really simple idea but really fun x

    • I find the simple things the best, especially with three children, and they loved them. It was a bonus they stayed around in the garden so long, brightening it up!

  2. Oh what a fab idea, definitely have to try this one!

  3. Oh wow these are so cool. I’d have never thought to do something like that x

  4. So pretty and simple. Great combination.

  5. This awesome!!!!!

  6. Love this idea! It doesn’t get cold enough here to freeze them outside so I think I’ll put my freezer to work instead!

  7. I love this craft, and remember doing it when I was younger. The simplest projects really are some of the best!

  8. I love this activity! They look beautiful, like works of art!

  9. Ooo we might need to use a freezer normally here but these look beautiful #littlemakes

  10. They look so pretty in the light! A lovely touch to add the food colouring! #littlemakes

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