Blowing Dandelion Bubbles – Nature’s Bubble Blower.

Have you ever made a nature bubble wand?  We have just had a lovely afternoon blowing dandelion bubbles through the plant’s stem 🙂 The trio loved making these and then experimenting with them also.  It’s a really easy activity to prepare, and because it’s outside all mess is outdoors too…bonus!

What do you need for blowing dandelion bubbles?

  1. Washing up liquid
  2. Water
  3. Bowl for mixing
  4. Scissors
  5. and of course….dandelions!!


Method To Make Dandelion Bubbles:

  1. Make up some soapy water
  2. Cut the flower head off
  3. Trim the other end of the stalk too
  4. Swirl around one end in the soapy water (not the end you want to put up to your mouth!!).
  5. Then gently blow through the stem, and you should see your bubble 🙂

My trio loved blowing dandelion bubbles, and then experimenting with different lengths of stem, different diameters of stem, variations of puffing, and who could make the biggest dandelion bubbles.  It was such a lovely, but chilly day, they stayed there for a good while, mesmerised by nature’s bubble wands.


Blowing dandelion bubbles - Nature's bubble blower, nature bubbles



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  1. Awesome! This is a genius idea and one I will certainly be trying out here for activity hour. Such a good idea and I love how you make it educational by experimenting on different lengths of stalk and resulting size of bubble.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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  2. We were in Thailand recently and people would blow bubbles from leaves to entertain our boys. No soap added! It was brilliant. You snap a bit of the stem so it makes a frame and the sap is sticky/wet and you blow it through the frame you’ve made. All natural bubbles.


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  3. What a great idea for a fun summer activity, I keep meaning to make some dandelion jam or similar but the amount you need has always put me off. This would be far easier to set up! #CountryKids

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