Bee House – Making a Bee B&B and Giving Nature a Home

IMG_7766Today we ticked off idea no.8 from the RSPB’s list of how to give nature a home.  We built a bee B&B.  The idea being we make the bee house.  This is really simple.  You take an empty plastic bottle (large) and cut the end off.  Then you fill it with straws or bamboo canes.  I learnt today there are lots of species of solitary bees that don’t live in hives, unlike the honey bees we typically think of.  In the springtime the females lay their eggs in hollow stems.  We have helped the bees by providing a ready-made bee house.  The brightly coloured B&B was then placed in a sunny spot, sheltered from wind and rain.  We have placed our bee hosue in a big rambling rose bush, which in a few weeks will have a proliferation of lovely pink roses for the bees 🙂

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