15 Nature Inspired Craft Ideas.

We love basing our art and craft activities around what we have brought back from wherever we have been.  It puts to use some of the random things you can find in our home from the children foraging.  So, with that in mind, I have out together a list of 15 ideas that our children like doing with nature craft.

IMG_7634Decorating pine cones. This can either be done as animals, or with paint and glitter as decoration for such times as Christmas.


Decorating shells:  You can turn shells into animals and creatures too with a few googly eyes, and other craft supplies.

IMG_7638Glitter pebbles.  A firm favourite in our house, as is anything that involves liberally spreading the sparkly stuff.  My mini man has done his initial on one and then painted and stuck glitter on top of the other 2.

IMG_7104Make a rainbow picture using the petals and leaves around you.  My mini men first did this at forest school and loved it.  They are fascinated by rainbows anyway, but they enjoyed seeing the rainbow take shape with what they collected.

IMG_7462Bashing leaves onto fabric.  This is another idea we have picked up from forest school.  Get some plain fabric, put some leaves inside and fold the fabric over in half.  Then take a large stick and bash on top for a good while.  Eventually, the leaf imprints itself onto the fabric.  Several of these can be strung up as bunting.  Very good for little people to work out their frustrations doing 🙂

IMG_7775 IMG_7776Shell painting.  We always have plenty of these lying around the house, garden, and car!!  In every bag you own too.  Easy activity for a rainy day, and brightens up their rooms.


IMG_7778Flower pressing.  This can be done in between the pages of a heavy book.  We have a lovely wooden children’s flower press, that I see being sold everywhere now.  You can make anything you fancy, but bookmarks are a favourite in this house and our frequently made to give away to various visitors.


A leaf tree:  Using leaves of different patterns and textures, by glueing them onto paper to form the shape of a tree.

IMG_7777Pebble painting.  A good rainy day activity for our household.  We are never short of the presence of beach shingle in every corner of the home!  They like turning them into funky coloured items for their rooms.  Yet more clutter, but they were there in the first place as priceless treasures, so might as well put them to some use!!

IMG_7803A leaf butterfly.




Leaf animals:  Without using other craft supplies, you can shape and style your own animals and creatures onto paper just using leaves.

IMG_7802Dip leaves of all shapes and varieties into different coloured paints and then stamp them all over the paper.  You can make various shapes and patterns, or like my lot, just stamp randomly enjoying the colours, and the individual patterns of the leaves.

Leaf Rubbings:  Lie the paper over the top, and instead of getting a leaf pattern from printing with paint, use crayons to rub over the top.

IMG_7801A nature collage.  My eldest likes to recreate outdoor scenes with what she has brought back, whereas the two little men, just like to snip and stick it all on, enjoying looking at what they have made.


And to finish off our nature craft, an easy one to break up a walk, and an old favourite, tree bark rubbings (just remember a few crayons and some paper when you head out for a walk).

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