Winter Tree Maths and English :-)

Today we started with our nature curriculum theme of the week; Winter Tree Maths and English.  The aim is to use nature a lot more in our learning methods, and especially in these chilly winter months, bring it all indoors a little!  This week it is winter trees.  Yesterday, while out hiking, we collected sticks and leaves to use for various activities throughout the week.

Maths was up first today.  The mini men had to place the right amount of sticks into the pot with a number written on it.  We are working on numbers 11-16 at the moment.  So first of all they need to recognise the number, and then count the sticks correctly.  The concurrent activity was similar, but with leaves and pegs.  They could choose a leaf from the pile (each with a number on), and then clip the correct amount of pegs onto that leaf.  Both were excited about the variation of method today, and dived straight in.  After all that counting, I asked them to sort a group of sticks into a line according to their length, shortest to longest.

Next up was letters/reading.  For this I had made a sensory tray.  The idea was to have mud and dried leaves in it, and draw the requested letters with a stick.  However, due to the ground being frozen solid, we had to swap the mud for flour!!  They really enjoyed this, especially as flour spreads far quite quickly!  I was asking them to do the big and little letter of each request.  We are really working on the fact that each letter has two forms at the moment.  After all of that hard work, they got the treat of a story…..what else could it have been except of course….Stick Man!!

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  1. I think this is a great way of linking the theme to English and maths activities; I like the idea of bringing the outdoors inside and using the sticks and leaves as learning props. I’ll have to remember this one for when my daughter is older!

    1. Post

      I am glad you liked it. The boys were much more engaged than usual. Lots more ideas coming up over the weeks of the year, depending on our theme for the week 🙂

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