Winter Pond Maths and English.

I will start with an apology….an apology for the state of my learning aids!!  I am definitely no artist, but the fact my twins could actually name them was a bonus!!!  We had a right old giggle with this week’s tasks (and that is what makes all the effort worth the while!).  So, each maths or English task is based on the winter pond theme of the week…..some rather loosely to give us a little more variety (imagination is not one of my best qualities!).

First up, numbers on ducks and frogs’ bottoms!!!  These were used with add and subtract signs to try and come up with the answer (they did have their beads too on a pipe cleaner to help them).  We are learning basic addition and subtraction that uses no number higher then 10 at the moment (either in the sum or in the answer).  They loved the secrecy of the number being hidden.  I let them choose two numbers at random, and then they had to work our the answer and find it 🙂  Just in case you didn’t get the link…ducks and frogs can be found in ponds 😉

We are trying to get more familiar with our numbers between 10-20, both counting them correctly and recognising them.  This next idea was to get them counting them and practising (although there is a cheeky no.3 in there to give them some security!).  The idea was, they had to pop the right amount of ice crystals on each snowman (our pond has a LOT of ice in it!).

Continuing with the theme of recognising numbers 10-20, the boys then had to match a number written on a frog, to the right amount of dots (they had counted) on a lily pad.



The last maths task was to peg the right number of pegs onto a duck with a number written on it…again 10-20 number recognition and counting (although you can substitute for other numbers of course).  All the time we are doing any number tasks, I am saying it in English, and then repeating it in Swedish, so at some point they magically become numerically fluent in Swedish 🙂

The first writing task was painting onto a chalk board with our imaginary pond water (tap water in a glass!).  The boys thought it was very funny I was using the chalk board all wrong, but were happy to go along with it.  We are still learning letters, so I would say a letter, and they would paint it.


My mini men have quite short attention spans when it comes to learning, so changing props for the same idea/practice can work really well for us.  We made our own pond (blue paint in a sandwich bag), and then they drew letters that I asked them to (with a cotton bud).  They thought this was magic, and loved squeezing the paint around the bag!

This last idea kicked off with the comment from mini man no.2 “you are very silly Mamma”!!!!!  I laid fridge magnet numbers and letters around the floor (hooray I found a use for them after moving to a house where they won’t stick to the fridge!), made them a fishing boat and a rod (with a magnet on the end, but you can use a paperclip), and asked them to fish for letters and numbers I asked for.  We are working on recognising that each letter has both an upper and lower case, and this task served that idea well.  Funnily enough, both little men had such a blast, they then didn’t mind tidying them up fishing style after we’d finished, and all thoughts of a “silly Mamma” were forgotten (thank goodness!!).

As an aside, the bowls of biscuits and cartons of juice you see next to them, are a bribe to get them to stay out of big sister’s way as she had a play date (and 8 year old girls always win in the fun factor when up against maths and English, but not in 2 eight year old’s eyes!!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these ideas and can use some for your little people.  Let me know and leave me any comments.  I’d love to hear your “winter pond” ideas too 🙂



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