Super Teddies Forest School.

IMG_9085This was the final forest school of the school year, and the final session for us in the pre school Twiglets class.  What a blast we have had since January, and how our lives have changed since we started.  It was originally a treat for our twins with their birthday and Christmas money, but we kept it going as we saw the benefits to them straight away.  So much so, it made us rethink the education our daughter was going through, and by Easter we had removed her from formal education, and she also enjoyed the benefits of the Friday forest school sessions.  We have learnt many new crafts, a lot of new skills, the children have learnt without realising but with being allowed to use their natural movement and in the outdoors where they are happiest, and we have toasted many many marshmallows 🙂  We are sad to be moving on from our lovely little group, but are excited to see what the home education group brings in September.

IMG_9081 IMG_9079 IMG_9082

Today’s theme was making super teddies, using a range of the skills they have learnt.  The children collected leaves to make a headband for their bears (from home, and all three of mine insisted on bringing white ones!!).  Then they hammered leaves onto fabric to make patterned capes.  The children could also saw a cross section of log, drill a hole in it, and decorate it as a medallion for their bear.  Superbear was then able to use a zip wire (complete with carabiner) to travel to his destinations.   After that the kelly kettles were all lit….we love doing this, but our success doesn’t match our enthusiasm.  However, eventually, and after a couple of relights, we did get our hot squashes and hot chocolates.

IMG_9086 IMG_9090

The children then foraged for some party food snacks hidden around the forest, finally finishing with a toasted marshmallow, and a little surprise gift hidden in a basket in the trees.  Forest school has been fantastic for all three of my little people, and they have developed so much since starting it back in January.


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