Spring Pond Dipping – Watching Nature Wake Up After Winter

We are back into our Nature Curriculum again now that spring has started to arrive, and nature is finally waking up here in Sweden.  It seemed a nice idea, on such a sunny afternoon, to head down to the pond to do a spot of pond dipping and pond studying.  The weather has been so sunny, less windy, and dryer, so we even took our nature journals with us to do outside while we had our subjects there to study.  Sure enough once we arrived, we could see all the ice had melted, the sun was warming the water nicely, and instantly we could spot frogs swimming around and playing peekaboo on the surface.  My three were really excited.

The frogs were literally suspended in the water, very still, enjoying a good old sunbathe in their pond.  They were so funny, and very easy to see.  They were huge!  We were convinced we may have actually been looking at toads, but then spotted they did in fact have webbed back feet, making it more probable these were in fact frogs (along with a few other pointers).  Our little lady managed to help me catch one to get a closer inspection, and then she headed back to the pond, and came back with a tadpole/nearly frog specimen to examine too.  At this point, having done something that resembled more fishing than pond dipping, all thoughts of pond dipping went out of the window.  My trio had more than enough in these 2 fine specimens to keep them busy for a few hours!  I had hoped to locate some frogspawn, as last year we didn’t manage this either.  I thought as it had only just stopped snowing a week ago, and we still had freezing temperatures until a few days ago, we might have got lucky.  However, the parts of the pond we could access (very dense woodland surrounding it), didn’t give us any sightings of frog spawn.

We retreated a safe distance from the pond, and found a nice clearing to sit in.  No such thing as a nice ready made pond dipping platform here, as nature is left to its own devices so you need to blend in with it to study it!  We got our nature journals out and our pencil cases, and started sketching the two specimens we had found.  We chatted at this point about what they were, whether they were frogs or toads, and the main differences about them.  We also discussed the way they lived and their habitat as well, making notes in our journals as we went along (well, I added it in for the mini men, who will benefit one day!).  It was so lovely to be finally back outside sketching again in the sunshine, even if we were still well wrapped up.

After a while, the children headed off to climb trees while I lit the Kelly Kettle to make a warm drink.  They were going to have a warm drink and marshmallows while we read this week’s book (“By Pond and River” by Arabella Buckley) and this week’s poem (“A Friend in the Garden” by Julia Horatia Ewing).  

Today we had such a lovely time watching nature waking up after the long very cold Swedish winter, and already, just a week on from our last snowfall, nature is already very awake!!  The children loved being able to see such fine specimens so easily, and also were very pleased to catch a couple themselves (all specimens were gently returned afterwards).  They learnt so much this afternoon as the sheer pleasure of the situation was motivating, and the hands on experience will not be easily forgotten, and all to the background music of sea eagles calling to each other all throughout the afternoon 🙂

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The Nature Curriculum we use is, “Exploring Nature with Children. A complete, year-long curriculum”. It is a beautifully written framework, written by Raising Little Shoots, and can be found over at https://raisinglittleshoots.com/ It suggests a topic for the week, and then provides some background information and suggestions for nature journaling and outdoor exploring. It also provides a comprehensive suggested reading list (fiction and non-fiction) for each week, plus a poem and a piece of art to study. There are extensions activity ideas too. We use the topic as the theme for our week, and follow the ideas for our journaling, and one fiction book. What we have been doing from the curriculum can be found on our curriculum overview post. The craft, science, maths, and English ideas we have researched ourselves to fit in with the theme 🙂 This makes a learning a lot more nature based.


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  1. I used to love pond dipping as a little girl! Though all we ever used to catch were tadpoles & weeds!

  2. This looks so much fun! We want to go pond dipping as well, but we need to find the nearest pond first in our new area!

  3. the background music of sea eagles just sounds dreamy – being outside at this time of year is lovely!

  4. I was on a work trip to Norway a couple of weeks ago and we visited some schools and discussed teaching practices – I love the focus on outdoor living and learning, whatever the weather, which is just the same as you’ve done here. It’s so much more inspiring and exciting than sitting indoors and learning from a book or website 🙂 #countrykids

  5. It must be such a joy to see the changing seasons there as they seem so dramatic. That little frog suspended below the surface is incredible, what low temperatures he must have developed under, the sun coming down now must be a welcome change for all. The pond looks like it is teaming with life. Perfect for little minds to explore and discover. What a wonderful natural learning habitat you have there, no wonder your children always look so engaged and happy, no better way to learn.

    Thank you for sharing on #CountryKids

  6. Sarah Stockley

    My children really enjoyed pond dipping the last time that we did – what an education you are giving them! Sarah #CountryKids

  7. I remember going pond dipping when I was a child, we found lots of frogs and spawn. We would sometimes bring some home for our pond in the garden. It sounds like you had a very successful adventure and your children learnt lots.

  8. Clever idea. Never done this before.

  9. It looks like you had such a lovely time with the frogs! Xx

  10. I remember doing this on a school trip! Such fun!

  11. I remember doing this when I was in primary school and I loved it

  12. Sounds like you all had such a lovely day, I love that you can educate children in such a fun way.

  13. I love the idea of outdoor learning, especially at this time of year when there are so many changes outside. Pond dipping is so much fun, and it’s great that you found some frogs in there!

  14. I love pond dipping!! So much fun and such a great way to get kids learning about nature

  15. I like the sound of a nature curriculum and imagine learning lots. Thank you for sharing this post with #CountryKids

  16. How wonderful to be able to look so closely at the frogs. I’ve not yet tried pond dipping with my girls – really must give it a try some time as I’m sure they would be fascinated by it. #countrykids

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