Seeds and Ants

z189This morning we have been completing our first week of our nature curriculum.  This has involved making a collage from our seeds that we collected.  The little men happily stuck with sticky tape and glued away, whilst our little lady creatively turned her seeds into animal pictures.  An extension activity for the week’s topic of seeds was to write a story.  Our little men don’t write just yet, so they were making up stories verbally, but our little lady shut herself in her room and beavered away at a story, which we all sat and read on the sofa afterwards.  Together with her story, we read the week’s poem (Autumn, by Emily Dickinson), and looked at the piece of art on the computer and had a little chat about it (Squirrels in a Tree by Archibald Thorburn).  This led onto a discussion about red and grey squirrels, and afterwards my little men started a nature inspired play session.  Mini man no.2 grabbed his cuddly squirrel, and mini man no.1 his owl, and they started playing a scenario involving nuts and eggs!!  So, they have absorbed some information over the summer holidays 😉 !!

z190 z191

Something else we are trying to do each week alongside our nature curriculum (moving house makes you very busy!!), is a little activity from our Nature in a Nutshell book.  Today we were tracking ants.  We were going to look at how ants react to a food source.  How they leave a trail to tell others where to find the food, and that they are not selfish mini beasts, but share their food out so everyone gets some.  They also don’t fight over food but cooperate.  We also wanted to look at how the ants carried their food, and marvel at how much they could carry.  The theory was great, but the practice less so!!  We sat and watched our garden ants run round the food in circles, but not go anywhere near it.  It did draw more ants out, but they didn’t seem to want to touch the food.  So the children looked at the ants with their magnifying glasses, and we decided to leave the food and see if they were there later!!

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The children are now looking forward to this afternoon when they have a forest school party to say goodbye to their little friends, and thank goodness the sun is shining!!  For now there seems to be an unresolvable disagreement between the owl ad the squirrel and it sounds like they may need a bit of help to sort it out!


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  1. So excited to hear all your news! You must be so excited. Buying a house on an island does sound very idyllic!
    Just read that you were following a nature curriculum…is that one you have written or do you follow a ready laid out one?
    We’ve just started our first week with Esme…she does seem less anxious although, because of her INCREDIBLY strong and dominant personality, we (I!) have been working on some boundaries within this arrangement! Xx

    1. Post

      Thats a good result already!! I’ve just tagged you in a post on FB for the curriculum, it’s been written by another home educating Mummy and is really comprehensive, a lot of fun, and you can do as little or as much as you want too 🙂 I’m going to continue the home education in Sweden following this, as our little lady will only be in school until 1330 each day….I’m going to be dropping the standard maths and english as that will be covered, but we all thrive outdoors in nature and I felt this would give us some direction and everyone would learn including me!!! We are very excited about the move xxxx

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