RSPB 20 Ways to Give Nature a Home.

IMG_7630I sent off for this free pack from the RSPB which gives helpful ideas to make your garden more wildlife friendly, which is important with the decrease of green spaces.  You can get your copy from

IMG_7635When we bought the house nearly 6 years ago, there was not one plant in it (the ones in the photo were potted and therefore went with the previous owners).  Whilst it looked very neat and tidy, and was easy to look after, it wasn’t very interesting to look at or play in.  It also did not encourage any birds, bees, butterflies, or any other mini beasties 🙁  So, I decided to lose the majority of play space, over creating a more interesting, nature friendly garden.  We have a country park 5 minutes walk one side of us, and the beach 5 minutes walk the other side, so we are surrounded by large play spaces, so this small garden was dedicated to being interesting.  Now nearly 6 years on, in full bloom, it looks a little over full, but that is how we like it, and the wildlife has begun to return.  I made lots of flower beds, which then lent itself to little pathways around the garden.  It’s also heaven to spiders it seems.

IMG_7637 IMG_7636 IMG_5581It does mean that we accidentally implemented some of the 20 ways suggested by the RSPB.  We have given up mowing the lawn this year in an attempt to encourage more minibeasts.  We leave our plants longer before cutting back to give the seeds a chance to drop.  We planted many flowering plants, shrubs, and 3 fruit trees.  We have a bird box at the back of the garden, next to the bird feeder, and we have certainly spread the word by writing this blog!  There are many other tasks though we can do with the children to give nature a helping hand.  Some of them are giving a hedgehog a home, building a bee B&B, catching the rain, creating a mini pond, and making a bug hotel.  So go on, click on the RSPB’s link at the start of the post and find ways to make your garden more friendly for nature, and more interesting for your children 🙂

RSPB 20 ways to give nature a home, RSPB nature garden

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