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What a glorious sunny day to be venturing out into the woods for Forest School.  For the first time since we started attending, back at the beginning of January, I could feel my toes when we drove off four hours later…a very good day!  The theme for today was another favourite story that my duo love.  Room on the Broom. The witch had been rather naughty, scattering coloured balls around the woods, so off the group pottered hunting and gathering up coloured balls to put into the correct coloured hoops.


The next thing the witch wanted the children to do was learn to fly, so she had set up a little flying school obstacle course for the children to practice on.  This was done on their feet first, to get to grips with it.  As with anything physical my little men loved this, and the children were allowed to add to it as they went round it multiple times.  The lovely thing about these little mini missions/tasks the children do, is that they do not have to participate in them at all if they do not want to.  There are piles of wood lying around to improvise with, there are pans, shovels, and jugs, if you feel the urge to play mud kitchens, or perhaps your little person would just like to sit in a muddy puddle all morning, with sticks doing, well, whatever!  That is all fine and considered to be learning too, which is why we like it there so much.  The staff see that the children learn from everything they do, and as long as they are happy children enjoying the outdoors and nature, that is mission accomplished.  However, my two were fully immersed in the obstacle course, especially a little rope swing, which they took great delight on swinging from, then landing in the mud with as much of them as possible on the ground.  They really got into trying to be the witch from room on the broom.



IMG_7156 IMG_7155






After their initial flying training, it was time for the hot chocolates and biscuits.  We then continued on with listening to the story of Room on the Broom to mesmerised little 3 & 4 year olds.  Then onwards with the room on the broom flying training, but brooms were a must and needed to be made (this weeks crafty task).

IMG_7160 Room on the Broom forest school


So back to the flying training course, but this time on brooms 🙂 Then we closed with our usual fire and toasted marshmallows, yummy yum yum.  Every week, we tend to then stay on and have a picnic as it finishes at midday (one of the first weeks I’ve been happy sitting there whilst the boys play/eat for 2 hours as I wasn’t on the verge of hypothermia or losing my toes!).  Whilst we were sat there, spring was starting to emerge all around us and we were visited by 2 different types of bees also out enjoying the sunshine.  One landed happily to investigate little man number one’s lunch bag, and much to my surprise, he reached out and stroked it!!


It’s now less than 2 weeks to go of formal schooling for our little lady and the excitement is growing.  One of her little friends has decided to host a “Good Luck” leaving party for a little group of friends, which is such a lovely idea.  Our little lady was so chuffed with the surprise and pleased her little friends care about what is happening to her.  They have been a special little group of friends for nearly four years now since the start of infants, and it will be another memory for them all to share together.



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      I know it was a really lovely moment, but I had to stop my own natural screaming response and hold back on telling him not to do it! I am terrified of wasps and bees. A definite case of not trying to pass parental issues to children!!

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