Pirate Forest School.

IMG_8806Today’s session was going with the weather, i.e. very wet underfoot after days of heavy rain, hence we were looking at pirates.  Since my mini men were born pirates, this was an instant hit.  The first task was to group build a pirate boat on the floor with lots of long branches for the outline, then erect a mast and sail in the middle (and of course add two planks to walk!).  My IMG_8805trio started off doing this, but soon drifted off to make more recycled paper with petals in it.  This was an activity last week, but it has really grabbed the interest of all three and they love doing it.



IMG_8807 IMG_8811

We were then set the task of building mini pirate ships to float in a paddling pool.  My three loved using the long handled pruners to chop the flooring for the ships.  We used these pieces of wood, tied with elastics and string, and with various corks added to make the basic structure.  There was then a lot of going backwards and forwards to the paddling pool to make the things float and adapting them as a result.  I was really struggling with why mini man no.1’s wouldn’t float, as he kept coming back (I didn’t go with them as I had my work cut out helping make three of the things!) saying it was rolling over.  Until another mum solved the mystery and he was putting the ship into the water corks uppermost-1st buoyancy lesson of many learnt by them for the day!!  After they successfully floated, all manner of accessories could be added, but it taught them the limitations of the buoyancy of their craft too.  My mini men opted for simple masts (pipe cleaners twisted) and a sail (feathers inserted through the pipe cleaner).  Of course our little lady had a whole ship building enterprise going on…..a full on fabric sail with mast and a princess pirate, complete with hair, hat, earring (sequins) and a head that could decapitate…..i.e. a bit of cork stuck on a stick body!!

IMG_8809 IMG_8810

I have to say, that despite it being the first of July, the campfire was needed to add a little warmth to the fingers and toes today!  It was another great session and a lot was learnt about buoyancy 🙂

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