Nature Curriculum Part 2 – Our Nature Journals.

Knowing we had a busy day of school and getting ready for our important grandparent visitors, all we set ourselves to do was complete our nature journals for the week.  Earlier in the week we’d collected winter plant samples to then draw into the journals from the comfort of our cosy home.

img_0847This morning I cheated a little.  I find doing the nature journal, drawing, and colouring very relaxing (I’m not good, but it is still nice).  However, often helping the little trio means it gets a little hard to do mine.  I needed to go down to the harbour to get some fresh cod this morning, so I grabbed my bike, packed my journal, pencils, and samples, and went and found myself a wet jetty with a misty view and started mine ahead of the children coming home!  Then off I pedalled to get the freshly caught fish 🙂  I love living here knowing I can get extremely local and fresh food.

img_0856 img_0854 img_0850 img_0848

Then after mini man number 2 had got over a huge strop and got over being furious with me for collecting him from förskola, I helped the three little people do their nature journals, and fill some of the giddy and exciting time until the grandparents arrive.  Mini man no.2 is quite insecure and doesn’t like to be left, so the fact I got told off for collecting him, is actually quite a good thing.  He’s enjoying his time there and wants to stay longer, so it’s better that reaction than tears and anger at drop off.  Mini man no.1 goes along with life just greeting anything that comes along with general ease and a very loud voice!!  We are now going to have a quick mad 30 minute tidy up and pretend we have a show house (for at least 5 minutes!!) then our guests will be here…..eeeekkkkkk!!!

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