Native Americans at Forest School.

IMG_7917It was another action packed forest school, and today it was all about Native Americans.  We started with a brief chat about their lifestyles and habits.  When asked what they might have eaten, twin 2 was very confident and shouted very loudly, “fish fingers!!”.  I’m not so convinced myself 😉  After that we practised our tracking skills, each following a wild set of (printed) footprints that led to an animal they would have caught to cook and eat (I’m wondering if following laminated rats tracks count as “track a wild animal” for the National Trust’s 50 things list!).  IMG_7923

Then it was time to get busy turning ourselves into some Native Americans.  First we needed some shelter, so in our teams we set off to make a teepee, with what was on the forest floor, plus a waterproof sheet.  Next were some colourful head dress.  A band of corrugated cardboard with bright colourful feathers inserted into the holes, was simple and effective.  Weapons were needed to hunt with, so an arrow was fashioned from a hazel twig with an elastic band holding feathers onto the end, and a groove cut to place it onto the bow.  The bows were hazel twigs placed under tension with string threaded through holes at either end and pulled tight.

IMG_7932 IMG_7931 IMG_7930 IMG_7928 IMG_7926

They had some fun trying to learn to fire the bows and arrows, which actually fired really well with some coordination.  Our last activity was to make a mini totem pole each, which could be as intricate as you wanted (little lady’s) or not (mini men!).  All this involved hammers, nails, glue, and pens etc.  A lot of skills were used in today’s session and my trio loved their introduction to Native Americans, learning all about them, and it is not a lesson they will forget for a while (subliminal learning at its best!).  They were chasing each other round the woods firing their bows and arrows and pretending to be Indians for quite a while 🙂

Native Americans at forest school, headdress, bows and arrows,

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