Leaving Party at Forest School.

z201After we had updated our National Trust books (plant it, eat it, grow it as,  the cherry tomatoes were sampled), my trio headed over to where they do Forest School for their leaving party, and to say goodbye to their little friends….well mainly our little ladies friends that the boys love being with!!  We had 12 little people, and an afternoon of sunshine 🙂

z200It all kicked off with the team building and ice breaking activity of making dens.  There was a little bit of instruction on the supplies, and types of construction, and then children were left to it.  Once it was built, they heaved some logs inside, and they were able to have their juice and biscuits in there.  They enjoyed hammering the pegs in, and despite being in a wood full of tree roots, didn’t seem to have to much of an issue with getting them into the ground.  After their snack break, there were 2 activities.  Our little lady had chosen the theme of camouflage for the party, so there was face painting with greens and browns, to try and camouflage the children.  They got into pairs and had a blast painting each other.  My mini man no.1 let his big sister loose on him and there wasn’t a bit of face left unpainted!!

z204 z203 z198 z196

The other activity was leaf bashing to make flags.  My favourite craft activity of laying leaves on material and folding it over, then bashing it with a hammer to get an imprint.

z205z197 z199After every bodies face was suitably camouflaged, it was time for some intricate games of hide and seek.  There were camouflage cloaks to be worn, and with their camouflaged faces they set off to hide in the woods!!  They had a couple of goes doing this, and then it was time for the campfire.  They were taught how to peel the hazel twigs, and the fire safety and then had the opportunity to toast a couple of marshmallows each (or if you are my mini men, gobble them whilst waiting your turn because it was all just too much!!).

z202 z195

Our little lady and mini men are very lucky in that they have had such a lovely friendship group, and I am very lucky that these friends have come with an equally as lovely bunch of mummies 🙂  We will miss them all as we head off on our adventure, but now we know we have a spare room, we sincerely mean it when we say it, please come and visit us, and let us show you around our little patch of Sweden 🙂

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