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IMG_7557We certainly had the rain (as usual!) at Forest School this morning, but the sun never popped out to dry up all the rain……Today it was all about spider forest school.  Not our little lady’s favourite creature, having just screamed at one smaller than a ladybird on the banister this morning.  She adores all bugs, picks them up, examines them, and carefully returns them, but will not extend that love to spiders.  We were also a man down.  Our youngest mini man was really under the weather, so rather than getting him soaked and make him worse, he chilled out the whole time in the buggy, not really bothered even by hot chocolate.  So he’s definitely ill 🙁

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We started the day by making a giant cobweb on the ground using logs and large sticks we could find, before we went onto trying to find spiders.  Usually finding spiders is relatively easy, but today all we managed to find were 2 beetles, a millipede, and a yellow snail!!  I think all the spiders had gone indoors to hide from the weather.  I thought the only spider number eight fact was it’s amount of legs, but it turns out they have eight eyes, and shed their skins eight times too.  Not the most successful spider forest school!

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The first craft activity my 2 chose for the day at spider forest school was making a spider and his cobweb. First of all they had to weave and wind willow branches together to make a circle.  I had never used willow branches before so this was new to me too, and I was amazed at how flexible and robust they are.  Then we added string in various directions to make the actual web, finally finishing by decorating a polystyrene ball with colour, eyes, and pipe cleaner legs.  The second craft activity was moulding a spiders body from clay, and then sticking in 8 legs from small twigs.  My little lady decided to make a dog as well to add to the collection.  Freestyle learning and creativity in full swing, allowing them to go off at a tangent if they want to.  In her words, no one was bossing her around making her frustrated, angry, and sad.

IMG_7567 IMG_7566 IMG_7564 The cooking activity was delicious.  With wild garlic leaves now sprouting up around the forest, the children snipped these into a bowl.  They then mashed it into some butter, before spreading it onto a roll.  The whole lot was then wrapped in tin foil and toasted on the fire…..full marks to our instructor for keeping that alight in the rain today.  My three love garlic bread.

Our little lady is loving forest school and is surprisingly exhausted after the session, even though she is used to spending time in the outdoors.  She is learning new cooking skills and how to use the natural environment around her.  We do love our weekly sessions, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I can’t wait until we get a few more dry sessions…it would make things a whole heap easier with three little ones!


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