Forest School-Mini Beasts

img_9576Today’s forest school topic ran on nicely from last weeks nature curriculum topic of mini beasts.  There was a lot of different activities set out in the woods which the children could choose to dip in and out of, and do as much or as little of each one as they fancied.  They didn’t have to move on if they didn’t want to, and they didn’t have to do an activity if they didn’t fancy it.  My three chose to saw and drill their mini beasts first (usually there is an instant queue of children for these activities, but remarkably today my three were the first up).

img_9574 img_9573 img_9572

They happily sawed chunks of branches to make their insects bodies, and then drilled many holes to stick accessories in such as antennae, wings, and legs etc.  Little lady made a butterfly, mini man no.1 made a mutant ladybird, and mini man no.2 made a snail.

img_9575After this, at mini man no.2’s request, we grabbed a bug hunting pot and a mini beast transporter (teaspoon) and headed off for a bug hunt, reading the info sheets dotted around us as we went.  We found quite a lot of wild life in the undergrowth, especially as the conditions were nice and damp today.  Always good conditions for finding forest mini beasts.  Our little lady then wanted to have a go at crafting another butterfly using clay and leaves, whilst the mini practised their balancing on big branches and logs.  There was pebble painting too, but today the painting didn’t grab any of their attention, usually painting is a firm favourite.

img_9579 img_9582

img_9584There was just time for one more activity before the camp fire and toasting of marshmallows.  This was really interesting and very seasonal.  There was an apple press.  You popped the apples into the press, pushed the lever around and squeezed out fresh apple juice (which you had to be quick to drink before others pinched it, it was so delicious!).  The children were intrigued by the apple press, and got as much entertainment out of watching it while others used it, as they did using it themselves.

We are booked into forest school for the whole half of term (6 sessions).  Next week will be no.3 and then the day before we fly will be no.4 (if we manage to make it!).  I’m glad we kept the booking though, despite the imminent move, as we are all loving the things we are doing there at the moment.  Today’s set up of the child drifting to wherever their interest led worked really well, as the children there are all very self motivated.


The Apple Press


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