Explore Inside a Tree!

This is one of the National Trust’s 50 things to do, and was our mystery story telling place….we found it totally by accident, chasing our sunrise.  It was an amazing tree, and I love the colour of the winter sunrise on the bark.  You could climb up onto a sheltered platform inside the trunk, and then from there you could head up inside a large vertical branch split slightly open, or along a couple of large horizontal branches.  One of these was then broken to create a bridge to a large boulder on the floor.  Such a fantastic natural playground.  We headed out there, with our three story books, flasks of hot blackcurrant squash, and M&S chocolate biscuits (courtesy of Grandma’s visit the other week, apparently no one can have Christmas without a box of these 😉 !!!).

Our little lady emerging out of the inside of a large branch

If you look carefully our little lady is clambering up the inside of the back of the tree

We had such a cosy time reading inside the tree with our picnic, and we had some amazing views too.  We will definitely be returning, and another thing ticked of our 50 things to do list 🙂

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