Day 24-Forest School & Meadow Sweeping.

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We have had another fantastic morning at Forest School, learnt new things, and even squeezed in a couple of sneaky geocache finds!  This morning we started in the meadow, and did some meadow sweeping.  This was fabulously easy for little people, yielding plentiful results, thus keeping their attention and interest, which in turn meant more learning.  It’s as easy as waving a net over or through long grass, and then tapping the residents into a bug pot for a bit of a closer inspection.  We had lots of various willing participants, and the children could use the laminated reference cards to see exactly what they had caught.  Not only in general terms, for example, a cricket, but in more specific terms finding out what type of cricket.  We had a lovely little juvenile cricket that was happy to wander around on our hands for ages, meaning we could get a really good look at him, and he would happily be passed into the children’s hands so the could feel the tiny tickle of his feet and get a real close up look of him.  In fact we had to put him on a plant in the end, as he wouldn’t hop off!

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After some sustenance of hot chocolates and biscuits, it was time to try the craft of making recycled paper with flowers and leaves in.  Shredded waste paper had been soaked in water, some white, some pink, and some green.  Flowers were place onto a grill with the gooey mash on top.  Water was then pressed, squeezed, and rolled out, to eventually reveal some very pretty paper.  It was hung up to dry while we headed off for our campfire.

IMG_8686 IMG_8685 IMG_8689

IMG_8693On today’s campfire menu it was toast.  The hazel stick ends were peeled, then bread threaded through the end.  This was held in the flames until toasted nicely, at which point children could add various toppings to their feast.

We also took a cheeky look at our new geocache app, and were delighted to see two, 300m each way of the parking place, that we could hunt for.  This was the boys first experience too, and it was a good one with both caches containing swap items.  They were also much easier than yesterdays for the children to spot, and we didn’t look like we’d just been dunked in a river!!  I also let them fill out the geocaching challenge in the National Trust book of 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4, as all three had now done it.  So, for day 24 lots of wild experiences….new mini beast hunting skills were learnt, new nature craft skills were learnt, new outdoor cooking skills were learnt, and our new skills of geocaching were practised and the twins were introduced to it 🙂

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