Candle Maths.

Candle maths maths fun with candles play based learning it was maths with candles 🙂 Our little lady had a friend home from school, so obviously we needed a cake of some sort…not to be eaten though, until we were done with sticking candles in it for maths!!  I could have drawn candles and cakes to use, but this was a more tasty and fun way of doing our maths.



First task for the boys was to play a game.  They sat either side of the coffee table with number cards face down, and the cake and candles in the middle.  They would choose a card, turn it over and then put the right amount of candles into the cake.  They had to count out loud too, first in English then in Swedish.  So, they were learning number recognition and counting (usually fine in English but helps with their understanding in Swedish to do it in both languages).

For the next task, the number cards were face down on the table again.  We had either a plus/minus sign and the equals sign, with space for two numbers to make up the sum.  After the equals sign there was a play-doh  “birthday cake” that needed candles added.  The boys filled the spaces in for the sum, and then read them out loud and did the required maths by either putting candles into or taking them away from the cake 🙂  Both had a lot of fun doing this, and we managed to do a lot more sums than we usually manage before it gets too tedious for them.

The third task was about number recognition again.  I placed some candles into the “birthday cake”, and then they had to choose the card with the right number on it to match the number of candles.

I know it probably seems rather repetitive to do another number recognition exercise, but we are working hard on recognising our teen numbers, and by changing the nature of the task, they are none the wiser that they are still doing the same thing 🙂  Here they had to put the right amount of tealights into the line according to the number on the paper.

They really enjoyed their maths this afternoon, so I hope there is an idea there, that your little person would enjoy too 🙂

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  1. What a fantastic way of teaching children! Thank you for sharing, my little girl loves her numbers…. something she definitely got from her daddy!

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