Bird Watching Adventure to Almö

Nesting bird watching outdoor play nature play exploring nature theme for the week is nesting birds.  With this in mind, our hike this week needed to be in a good spot for some bird watching.  We have a nature reserve on Almö which is not too far.  This is a long strip of land, and about half way down there is a bay with a good view of an island that is a protected bird area.  The perfect place to do some bird watching.  There is a hiking route that runs the length of Almö.  We have hiked the top third, and the bottom third independently, but never the middle third (always been a little too far for little legs, and being a linear walk, we have had to turn around to walk back at about the 2.5km mark).

The map shows the length of Almö, and the red dot (where we were stood at the time) is roughly where we stopped for our bird watching, hot food made in a fire pit, and a lot of play in nature’s playground!  Just below the red dot on the map is the ringed island that is the protected bird area (one of many in the area).  There were a few information boards around as well, that would help us identify anything we saw.  We have been lucky to see sea eagles in the past, there was even one in our garden tree looking very out of place when I returned from school once (there is a lot of wildlife around us, and we do get to see a wide variety very easily), but today, everyone was hiding!  The children did have fun using their binoculars though, even if mini man no.1 was pointing them into the sea rather than at the bird island!

After hiking to the spot, and then bird watching for a while, it was time to enjoy some hot food.  My little lady helped with the food preparation (guarantees it gets eaten with less fuss!), while I lit the fire.

The children then let off a lot of steam climbing trees, clambering over rocks, finding nature made fortresses to play in, and trying to persuade me that we really could take the largest stick ever home in the car.  It always amazes me how little energy they sometimes have whilst actually walking, and then when we stop, they have enough energy to climb Mount Everest! We stayed put for about an hour, just letting them immerse themselves in nature and their own imaginary and creative outdoor play – the best type there is!!

Much fun was had by all, lots of energy was burnt off, and our bellies were full!  The only hiccup was that we didn’t manage to locate the only geocache in the area (a nano one), but that’s to try again another day 🙂

nesting bird watching outdoor play nature play exploring nature

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  1. It looks like the perfect place for exploring nature and spotting wildlife!

  2. Sounds like a perfect outing and what an adventurous cook up. Puts sausages and burgers to shame! Kids are never boarded with outdoor space, there is always a tree to climb and a camp to be built. I must remember to take binoculars with us int he future. I am working on a bird trail at Coombe Mill at the moment, this has inspired me to get on with it!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Yes, they love their binoculars! I much prefer them in the outdoors as not looking for mischief all the time!! 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun and a great way to appreciate wildlife too #CountryKids

  4. So nice to have food outside even if it’s cold and winter. N is just the same with walking. Bored and moaning until it’s lunch or there’s a playground #countrykids

  5. Looks like such an amazing place. I love the outdoor cooking too!

  6. I bet it was fun getting the binoculars out. Also great fun climbing trees and collecting sticks. X

  7. What a lovely day. The lunch sounds amazing. Puts our packed lunches to shame !

  8. Aw lovely. How fun does the bbq look. I bet they loved that. It looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves. It is always lovely to be outside. So looking forward to some warmer weather. xx

  9. I love how you have a theme each week. You always think of great ideas 🙂

  10. What an adventure you had! Xx

  11. Another fabulous outing, and I’m very impressed with your cooking 🙂 You’re so right about the walking versus playing thing too! #countrykids

  12. It’s funny how fascinating binoculars seem to be for children! Mine always fight over them, even though only the older two know how to use them (sort of!). My oldest has become quite interested in bird watching lately, trying to identify the few birds we saw last time.
    PS I LOVE the snowsuits your children are wearing. They’re the best aren’t they? My youngest still wears the one we bought in Denmark when we lived there. 😉

    • Yes, can’t wear anything else here but snowsuits for 6 months of the year…far too chilly! Everyone is cosy, warm, and protected enjoying their play 🙂

  13. wow what amazing memories for the children, I can’t believe you made hot food! Colour me impressed .

  14. Love the sound of outdoor cooking over a fire pit and love how much fun your children are having climbing up on the rocks and making the most of Nature’s playground! It’s a shame you didn’t spot any birds but looks like you had fun trying 🙂 #countrykids

  15. Looks like so much fun. I really need to go back to our local forest school.

  16. This looks stunning Mobkey would love to cook his own lunch. He had binoculars and I must admit I am a little rubbish with encouraging him to use them. Thank you for the inspiration. That’s pretty high tree climbing! Stopping by from #CountryKids

  17. What a perfect place to go bird watching, great idea to bring the binoculars and food to cook!

  18. One of my friends is from Sweden. I think I really need to visit Sweden. If i was still living in Germany, I think my kids would be outdoors a lot too. It’s so different in Ireland.

    • I totally agree. I don’t know about Ireland, but certainly over in England, we hide away too much (we need to embrace the rainy weather and get on with life!!). Before we moved I survived with my trio by being outdoors for most of the time. Now here, it is just what happens, regardless of weather, and lets face it, much colder temperatures!

  19. Ahh my little girl would love doing something like this!! We love outdoor adventures and can’t wait for both the kiddies to be old enough to benefit! Looks like oh all had lots of fun! X

  20. Ah this sounds like so much fun! My toddler would absolutely love this sort of activity. She’s all about the outdoors and birds!xx

  21. Oh this like such fun, Blake is loving seeing birds at the moment. He definitely enjoys being outdoors.

  22. This looks like such a lovely place to explore! Great adventures. Love the photo of them carrying that massive stick together lol! Hopefully you’ll find the geocache next time too 🙂 Thanks for taking part in #LivingLifeWild x

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