Bird Maths and Writing Practice

The mini men have been using bird maths and writing themed ideas for their learning this week.  There are lots more ideas out there (check out my Pinterest board for more ideas as well as craft ones too!).  Both boys have a limited attention span for more traditional types of learning exercises, so we choose 3 or 4 and don’t do too many repetitions for each one!  It is more about enjoying the learning experience at this stage, and anything they pick up along the way is a real bonus.  Twin 1 is loving his writing practice and thinking about words, and yet gets a bit silly and giddy with his maths.  Whereas twin 2 finds the process of writing very tedious (but still likes reading/looking), and absolutely loves anything to do with numbers, and finds them quite easy too at the moment.  So we have 7 or 8 bird maths and writing practice ideas for you.

Bird maths and writing practise pre school learning sensory nature learning learning creative learning off the bird maths and writing practice ideas are the writing/reading exercises.  My double trouble respond really well to sensory learning.  So, this tray of bird seed with a swan feather to write with, was a perfect attention grabber.  We have heaps of random feathers lying around the house, so it was nice to use one!  I would say a letter, and mix it up with capitals and small ones, and they would have to draw the letter in the tray of bird seed with the feather.  They don’t tire of this kind of exercise so quickly, so we get a little bit more practice done.

One thing we are spending quite a lot of time on at the moment, to assist with their reading, is thinking about the letters that words start with, and then recognising them written down.  I drew some key word pictures (which they did very well to recognise!), and they had to match the picture to the correct word.  So we had egg, bird, nest, wing, and tree.



We then went on to practise their writing using the key words.  First of all they traced them a few times, before writing them independently.  The boys are working at recognising that each letter comes in 2 forms, big and small.  After they had practised writing the words, we used the first letters of our key theme words to practise writing the letters in their pairs.  This is where mini man no.2 struggles to keep going, where it gets a bit repetitive, but he did persevere.


Next up was the maths practice, starting with basic counting and writing numbers without a prompt.  They had to count a line of birds or eggs, and write the quantity that there was in the line, at the end of it.  This task is now very achievable for them in the numbers 1-10, so I now need to start upping the numbers we are using in the next few weeks.  However, it is lovely to see (and very reassuring) I have actually managed to teach my 2 wiggle bums something!


The theory behind the next task is trying to help them learn the numbers in word form as well as number form.  I am sticking with 1-10 numbers for a while in this task, as it is really stretching them to spot a number in its word form.  Today we just stuck to English words too.  It again helps with their reading, thinking about the word sounds, so it serves a cheeky dual purpose 🙂



The final exercise for our bird maths and writing was addition and subtraction, mini man no.2’s favourite.  I had hoped to do this with chocolate eggs as props.  Back in the UK I could have guaranteed that these would have been on sale since December 26th! However, here in Sweden there is not one sign of Easter chocolate yet (which is actually quite nice, not to be seamlessly transitioning from one festivity directly into the next)!  So I had to come up with another bird related idea, less interesting but they never knew about the first idea, so they were OK!  We added and subtracted my badly drawn eggs, but both seemed perfectly content and engaged with the idea!

I hope you liked our ideas. If you did, please visit our Pinterest page for more 🙂


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