Back to (Forest) School

z213Today was the first session back at forest school, and although we won’t be there for the whole lot we have booked, this is the one thing I have kept going (along with brownies as you can pay weekly for that).  I am hoping it will make us all get out the house and have something to look forward to as the moving chaos gathers speed!! It was a new group for us, as rather than going to the preschool twiglets group, we have now progressed to the home education group as the twins are school age now.  Today was all about foraging for blackberries, and then using them for craft and cooking.

z218 z217

We pottered off for a bit of a stroll to locate some blackberries, and to try and bring some back with us to the school area, not just fill our tummies is the rather hot autumn sunshine.  When we got back, we popped a few into a pot and started mashing them with a stick to make paint.  The children then used blackberry paint and charcoal to create their works of art.  There was quite a lot of body painting going on too!!!

z216 z215 z214

As we’d been berry picking that had taken up quite a lot of the time, so it wasn’t so jammed full of activities, but to be honest, the day was so hot, that moving fast wasn’t really on anyone’s agenda!!  After doing the crafts the fire was lit for the cooking creations.  Each child had an apple with the core removed, and they stuffed the apple with remaining blackberries, sugar, and cinnamon…yum yum!!  They were then placed onto the fire to cook.  All three loved these, and as it had started to rain, it was a very cosy snack despite the heat of the day.

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