An Afternoon of Home Based Nature.

Today’s main moving abroad job was to complete the cutting back of the rear garden jungle.  I like a garden bursting with life, but I appreciate not everyone is the same, and with autumn just round the corner, there would be a lot of work for whoever became our tenants, quite quickly after they have moved in.  So 6 huge garden bags later of rubbish, it looks a lot better!!  We also needed to be home based for a few deliveries of things we are receiving at the moment-today it was a suitcase and a trampoline.  So, apart from our little lady’s maths and english, we decided to just look at the parts of the nature curriculum that we could do at home today.

z220We dived into our Handbook of Nature for the first time, looking at the anatomy of various mini beasts, which they found intriguing.  They loved seeing how these creatures were made up.  One of the story books for a later point in the curriculum is called “The Story Book of Science”.  This has a lot of tales in, so rather than leave it until the week it’s scheduled for, we are going to start delving into it now for daily short stories about nature, as well as reading some more from our poem book today.

z219Being at home was an ideal opportunity for the trio to do their Nature in a Nutshell activity.  We are now on our third from the Autumn section.  Today we were looking at carrot tops, specifically, why are carrot tops green?  They used their magnifying glasses to to look at the roots just under the leaves.  It was a lesson about plants being exposed to light and turning green, due to the chlorophyll which is assisting the process of photosynthesis.  The nearer the leaves are to the top, the greener they were as they were most exposed to the sunshine, whereas lower down the stems, they weren’t so green, as may not have been so exposed.

I am really liking following both the nature curriculum and the nature in a nutshell activities.  Children are so good at living life in the moment, but us adults (especially me at the moment with so much to do) are not, and it’s just making me enjoy the start of autumn a little better with so much else going on 🙂

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