We are an outdoor family, and love being immersed in the outdoors and nature.  The aim of the blog is to help others to connect to nature and the outdoors, provide inspiration for outdoor adventures and learning, and educate others why the outdoors and nature is so important. 

This blog started out as a journal recording our adventures and misadventures of our home educating journey, then onto following our dream move to Sweden and life living there.  It all started back when our then 7 year old beautiful, full of life, school loving daughter moved to junior school, we had prepared ourselves for the increase in learning tempo.  However, what we were not prepared for was watching our creative, nature loving daughter almost shrivel up with school and begin to dread each school day.  She loved to write stories, paint, create, and make, but access to these passions was reduced.  Well, virtually non-existent.  She always worked hard and therefore did well at maths and English, and anything else that was put her way, but there was no place for her own talents, abilities, and interests to be nurtured.  Then there are our 2 beautiful then 4 year old twin boys (due to go to school that September), that are always going to be round pegs in square holes with the educational system, preferring to do most of their learning by any physical means available and preferably outdoors covered in mud!  I am a qualified paediatric nurse, not a teacher, but as a parent I could see something needed to be done.  One size does not fit all, children are individuals and their learning needs to take this into account.  So Dadda and I sat and chatted about the unimaginable.  Myself, Mamma, trying to home school (well, more “out and about” school) and bring back our daughter’s zest for learning, and excitement about discovering, as well as giving her time and resources for the subjects she enjoyed most (the same would apply to our twins as they grow).  Then in October 2016 we got the opportunity to be able to fulfil a life long dream of Dadda’s and mine and move to Sweden.  Whilst our three children did return to school, it is a very different system, and there is still plenty of space for my home education style input too.  Follow us on our even bigger family adventure and journey through moving to another country, and how I continue to help them learn at home (or as you may have gathered I do it in the great outdoors mainly!), using what I have learnt over the last few months 🙂 This blog is here, hopefully, to inspire you to follow your dreams, get outside in nature, and educate children outside the box….This blog charts the ups (and realistically the downs) of our adventure.  I hope it can be used as a place for tips and hints for some, and encourage those who feel the same to have the confidence to go for it.




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  1. Great read. My husband and I have often joked about homeschooling but just recently started having more serious conversations about it.
    My biggest concern is socialisation. Whilst school is intended for academic learning they also have a massive impact on children learning to socialise. – how has homeschooling effected yours?
    I have a 4 year old whom started school last September and is already known as ‘the troubled kid’ ‘the boy who needs to learn to deal with his emotions’ (HE’S FOUR)! And much like your son is much more hands on and seemingly learns more this way.
    I also have an older son whom was always ahead of the game and an intelligent little thing but that too seems to have slipped. Teachers don’t home in on their interests & the changes the state has made to the curriculum is too intense meaning he is now ‘below average’.
    My daughter is an august baby and I was told “she’ll never catch up with older ones”. Apparently if you have a bright child they might but if you have an ‘average august child’ they won’t!!
    Then I have one more due to start school in a year or so and I’m dreading it to be honest. She is bright like her biggest brother and I feel it’ll slip – my mum tells me it was the same for me when I started school some 24 years ago.

    Sorry for the essay,..got carried away!!
    Good luck on your adventures!

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      No worries!! I have another post on Socialisation if you just type it into the search box, but this was one of my biggest worries as well, but any home ed family will tell you not to worry about it.

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      sorry, part 2 of the reply! As it’ll only allow me to type in small chunks. The classroom setting isn’t really socialisation as they are all the same age and with grown up, plus they get very little time in their day to freely interact. Home edding they meet so many more varying ages and type of people daily that it doesn’t become such an issue, plus there are always local groups too. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you

  2. Really interested in following your journey moving to Sweden, I hope to do the same in the near future! I’m not at the point where I have children but I totally get your desire to homeschool your children and feel that it is something I will probably do when I have little ones of my own. 🙂

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      AAAAhhhhh, thankyou 🙂 We can’t home school here, but as school finishes so early in the day (and is much more fun), and starts later in life, there is so much more scope for our input too. We love it here and I can’t recommend the country enough:-)

    2. Hi Leanne,
      Just beware that home education is completely illegal in Sweden, so don’t move there if you wish to have that option. As someone who’s made the journey in the opposite direction (leaving Sweden, to have the option to home ed), I just feel the need to highlight that unfortunate fact. x

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        Thankyou for highlighting that and concurring with my above comment of not being able to home school here. But what we do have is much shorter days so can carry on our home ed topics after school, which is more than fine 🙂 We like mixing and matching and it is a school system we are much happier with! I hope your home education adventures in the UK are going well

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