We’ve bought a House!!!!!!!!!!


Last night, we headed back into the city and sat until after 8pm with the estate agent going through a Swedish house contract in English.  The estate agent has been fantastic sorting things out so I can sign for the house as well whilst in the country.  We finally signed the the contract on the ready to go coastal island house, and are very excited.  We get the house on 17/10/16 and I am now busy helping Dadda write lists…..buy a car, get our own property marketed for rental, book the removers, sort out the insurance, liaise with the vendors about curtain poles etc etc.  I am returning back to the UK today knowing I call tell our three children we have a date to move at last.  So, it is indeed fast moving once you have a decided to buy/won the bids in Sweden….we saw the house at 1330, and signed the contract at 2000hrs….the moving date was set by the vendors as a chance to pack their things up.  We were free to go after 17th September which is the day I have tickets to see Mamma Mia at the theatre in the UK!!!!!

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