Walking, Walking, Cakes, Walking, Cakes, Cakes, Fires, Glögg, and Wine!

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This weekend has been all about trying to show the Grandparents as much of our new home and life as possible.  We wanted to show them as much of the island as we could, let them experience the culture, and also see some places that are part of our daily routine.  Therefore, when they go back home to the UK, not only would they hopefully see why we came, but also they can relate to things we are talking about.  So the main components of the weekend have been walking (the best way to see the island), fika (lots of coffee and cake), log fires to appreciate the cosiness of our new home, and lots of relaxing with large glasses of red wine in the evening 🙂img_0876

On Saturday, while the mini men were at their gymnastics, I headed down to the sandy beach on the island with our little lady and the grandparents to show them that part of the island.  The sky was wintry, the wind biting, but we had a nice little potter around a lot of frozen sand!

After lunch we headed to the north west corner of the island for a good walk around that section of the island.  The mini men were really dragging their feet along, so the distance we covered wasn’t as much as usual, however, it still merited a good massive Swedish cream cake at the local cafe before we headed home.  We were also treated to a beautiful sunset.

img_0891 img_0886 img_0882 img_0878 img_0877After our supersized, cream-stuffed cakes, it was time to stroll home for a cosy log fire, turn on our outdoor lights, and fill up the wine glasses.




On the Sunday, I was doing a Scandinavian version of a roast chicken meal, so Dadda took the little lady off with the Grandparents for a walk round the local woods while I stayed at home getting the chicken ready……which turned into a near catastrophe.  I took the chicken out of its packaging and it stunk!  I’d forgotten to freeze it after buying it.  So we raced up to the island shop that is only open for a few hours on a Sunday, and it had one chicken left!  We grabbed it, raced back, and popped it in the oven.  Phew, lunch was saved, and no one knew…to my amazement the boys never let the cat out the bag!

In the afternoon, we headed down to the little Christmas Market down at the harbour.  It was a foggy, chilly walk, and the children persuaded Grandma that sweet treats were needed.  It was only small, and very islandy, but it was pleasant, and we also got to see inside the little fishing museum down at the harbour.

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After our 40 minute walk home, we had some more fika, rapidly followed up by glögg, swilled down with red wine to get us through the children’s bed time routine 🙂  It’s been quite a relaxing weekend, and tomorrow when I drive them back into town on the mainland for the train, I will show them around there a little, while the children are at school and förskola.


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