Very Wet Play!

z186Our lovely new home has a gravel path that runs all the way round the four sides of the house.  The past few days have seen me trying to tackle the weed population growing unchecked in it.  This has meant we have got into a bit of a routine.  We drop our little lady at school at 0800, and walk all of the 2 minutes back home, but because we have spent 10 minutes getting dressed in the appropriate outer wear, for the 2 minute trip, I am reluctant to then get us all undressed again immediately.  So, we have started spending the next hour and a half or so in the garden.  The mini men get some outdoor play time, and I get to tackle this massive job.  So far I have spent about 4 hours this week on my knees doing this.  I have a lovely new type of manicure which consists of a permanent layer of soil around my nails (no amount of scrubbing seems to dislodge this!), as well as numb fingers from the cold and rain.  It also means the mini men are playing outside right from the start of the day, and in whatever weathers….today it is torrential rain.  They are truly becoming little Swedes learning that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” and all three now are fine outside in all weathers, and happily play their games outside.  This morning the boys were playing so well, I sneaked up to get a photo, and as I clicked the camera, mini man no.1 raised my full watering can with an almighty roar and headed for mini man no.2’s hood…..luckily I stopped it, as twin 2 was totally unsuspecting and I don’t think he would have appreciated his fresh water shower one jot!  Not to mention his coat would have been soaked for the rest of the day!

img_0668 img_0666

Our little lady finished school at 1215, so I’m still trying to adjust starting to cook our lunch at 1030 in the morning, as she’s already eaten when she comes home (in Sweden lunch is at 1100, but I still haven’t quite got my head round that, the morning seems to run away from me in a blur of tasks, home education for the twins, and mad children!!).  I learnt from her today, that when the weather here is extreme (like the rain today), then a red flag goes out.  This means they can still play out of they want to, but they are also welcome to stay inside if they want to.  A much better situation from one we found ourselves in last Autumn, with a little lady who’d barely been out all week at school in a bad weather week, and was conseuquently headachey, sluggish, and grumpy (and that’s a child that doesn’t need to run off extra energy, unlike a lot of boys her age who hadn’t been able to).  Then we took this afternoon slowly with cosy Fika, stories, puzzles, and doodling, before heading into town for mini man no.1’s ballet lesson (where the little lady will do her maths and english workbooks) 🙂

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