Våffeldagen – A Whole Day Dedicated to Eating Waffles!

Våffeldagen is a whole day in Sweden dedicated to eating waffles….nom nom!  Saturday 25th March was the day this year.  It is another way of celebrating the start of spring after the cold dark winter here in Sweden.  The name originally comes from “Vårfrudagen” meaning our lady’s day, which is on the same day, but said in a poorly articulated way , can be mistaken for Våffeldagen.

On Våffeldagen you make waffles and serve them with fruit jams, cream, cheese, or fresh fruit.  We have a special Scandinavian heart shaped waffle iron to make ours, and here is our recipe we use:

3 dl plain flour

2 x eggs

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

3 tsp butter

1 tsp cardamom

3 dl milk

We then serve them up while still warm.  Coffee is very good with them, but due to the time of day we were eating ours, it was wine o’clock!!

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  1. A whole day dedicated to eating waffles? How have i never heard about this? lol! I’ve never made my own waffles though so will have to give your recipe a go with the boys some time xx

  2. Oh yum i love waffles there is a cafe nearby us which do sweet and savoury ones. I’ve never made my own before though.

  3. whatever the reason, I love any excuse to eat waffles. 😉 Love this tradition!

  4. A whole day dedicated to eating waffles? This sounds amazing! I love your waffle maker too xx

  5. I love this day!! A whole day dedicated to eating waffles, perfect!

  6. I definitely think I need a whole day for waffle eating – we have a affle maker and love experimenting with different flavours x x

  7. I love waffles, therefore I could SO do a day like this! lol

  8. Oh my goodness! This sounds wonderful. Just as good as pancake day! Xx

  9. Now I know why you moved there! For waffle day lol. On a serious note that sounds like an epic day x

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