Vabruari – The Month of Sickness.

The lurgy has hit us! ¬†It is a week off school so I’d expect nothing less really, and the little lady has been suffering with a high temperature and general aching, cough, and a cold ūüôā ¬†February is usually so bad for children being poorly here in Sweden, that they have a special name for it – Vabruari. ¬†VAB is the name of the benefit you claim if you need to be off work to look after a sick child. ¬†It is so common here in February, that the month has been named after the benefit! ¬†We had nearly made it through to the end of the month as well, but we have fallen at the last hurdle. ¬†Dadda, the boys, and I had medium to severe sniffles last week, but our little lady has really been laid low for the last three days, only doing anything when the Nurofen kicks in. ¬†She has perked up this evening, and we have learnt another little fact about Sweden’s culture – VAB and vabruari ūüôā

I hope this week you have been enjoying our craft and science posts. ¬†We had planned an adventure to 2 islands a little drive away, but we have had to postpone these due to the illness. ¬†Hence there being no hikes for us this week, but living life slower, tucked up (unusually for us) indoors making and creating. ¬†We are rather relieved that she has turned the corner and picked up now, as in less than 24 hours we welcome our second lot of house guests in the form of my brother-in-law’s family and our¬†children’s¬†cousins who they¬†are desperate to see and have fun with. ¬†We are all looking forward to showing them our new home and around our lovely island ūüôā

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